Key Macro is a simple Windows Volume control Widget that allows you to quickly read the system volume from your desktop. You can change the Volume by using Key Macro.
KEYMACRO is a simple Volume control Widget. You can change the Volume by using KEYMACRO. You can easily use KEYMACRO on your desktop without any plugins or external toolbars.
This version is designed to be used with Yahoo! Widget Engine. To use it you need to register it.
You can use this project and share it, but you have to include the URL to this page.
You can get the latest updates from the ReadMe.txt
How to Install
Compile KEYMACRO using Yahoo! Widget Engine or you can do it from your program menu (Tools | Compile Yahoo! Widget).
Frequently Asked Questions
1) Will the application work with the WebPlayer?
No. The WebPlayer is not supporting plugins.
2) Do you include the “FakePlay.dll”?
No. I do not want to use this file.
3) Will Key Macro use my sound card?
No. Key Macro only use the Sound System.
4) Do I have to register for Key Macro?
5) How can I use the Widget on a multilanguage website?
In order to use it with a multilanguage site, you need to create a file named “local.xml” in the folder named as “scripts”. You should create a file for each language.
6) Will KEYMACRO support/support the keyboard?
No. KEYMACRO only supports mouse click, mouse drag and mouse move.
7) Will KEYMACRO play a sound?
No. KEYMACRO only play the system sounds.
8) Will KEYMACRO play a song?
No. KEYMACRO only play the system sounds.

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11/03/2009 16:13:37

Lovely work, well designed, easy to use and fun

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