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Juicer is a tool that can help you search for, preview and convert various multimedia files. It offers a multi-purpose preview window, that allows you to preview all the available video, image, audio and other files, and search through them. You can also convert any of these formats to a number of other formats, which suits your need.
The program can search for all available media files from multiple sources, including:
– Video
– Audio
– Flash
– Image
– Documents
– Web and even from portable drives.
Juicer provides you with a number of functionalities and advantages:
– Enjoy all media contents directly from the browser and search through them
– Preview all the available media files and convert them to a number of the most common file formats.
– Add media files to a list and keep searching for more
– Add media files to a list and specify if you have the rights to view or use them
– Save your list and manage it at a later time
– Load previously saved collections or settings
– To make your job easier, all the programs, created by the Digital Juice collaborators, are supported
What’s new in this version:
– Read the feedback from our users and make improvements
– PC or Macintosh
– Internet connection
System Requirements:
– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
– Internet connection
Setup file:
– Juicer_EN.dmg – 7.6MB
– Juicer_DE.dmg – 7.6MB
If you like Juicer, you can support the development by purchasing a license key. The license key will help us continue creating programs for all those who appreciate and use them.
Please note:
– Juicer will be able to work with the products created by the Digital Juice collaborators, such as Animated Canvases, Drag & Drop, Video Traxx, Sound FX, Music box, Juice Drops, or Print Design Elements.
– Juicer will be able to open all common multimedia files, such as music, video, photos, animations, sound effects, shapes, projects and projects.
– Juicer will be able to render all the available videos, photos and animations in the selected formats.
– Juicer will be able to convert all the available media files, such as video, audio, flash, image, documents, web and portable drive to a number of common formats.
– Juicer will be9670d34096

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Visual Basic and Databases teaches the fundamentals of working with databases within the Visual Basic environment. This course provides comprehensive information and extensive practical assistance on the use of Visual Basic to build applications for using databases. The course gives detailed coverage of the Visual Basic features and database-related programming models needed for the creation of VB applications that work with databases. Students learn how to design database tables, views, queries, and reports; how to develop data controls and visual components to allow users to interact with data; how to create SQL-based database applications; how to use the popular reporting feature of Visual Basic; and how to use Microsoft Access for developing database applications.

Ch. 1. Database Structure
Ch. 2. Database Design
Ch. 3. Building a Database in Visual Basic
Ch. 4. Data Environment and Data Controls
Ch. 5. ADO Data Controls
Ch. 6. Data Binding
Ch. 7. Improving the User Interface
Ch. 8. SQL
Ch. 9. Improving a Database Report
Ch. 10. Limitations of Access
Ch. 11. Other Database Options



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Category:Visual BasicRetroperitoneal bronchogenic cysts: a diagnostic and management dilemma.
Retroperitoneal bronchogenic cysts are rare congenital lesions. They may be asymptomatic or may cause various symptoms including pain, mass, or paralysis. We describe a retrospective analysis of five patients who had undergone surgery for the treatment of a large retroperitoneal cyst. Data collected included patient age, presenting symptoms, preoperative imaging, cyst size, operative findings, postoperative outcomes, and histopathological findings. All patients underwent exploration and the retroperitoneal cysts were excised. Macroscopic examination of the cysts revealed smooth outer surfaces and no histological