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KeyMacro is an add-on for Microsoft Word that adds an advanced macro functionality to the built-in features. With KeyMacro you can create macros with customizable text by using an array of built-in functions and the VBScript programming language. The KeyMacro also has the capability to set up “Triggers” which are commands that automatically run at the click of a button. You can even set up an entire macro to run an application, send email, make a phone call, log into a website, or open a document.
What’s New:
-Improved conversion of the external Access database files to the newer, more functional Access 2000/2003 format.
-A “Go to Help” button is added to the “Macro Wizard” dialog box to open the Access Help Book.
-Improved KeyMacro Error handling to allow users to view the relevant message in the wizard window.
-KeyMacro now works with Microsoft PowerPoint 97.
-KeyMacro now allows users to easily create macros in Microsoft Word 97.
-Minor bug fixes in the application.
What’s New in Version 1.3:
-KeyMacro is now able to import and export Microsoft Access 97 databases.
-KeyMacro is now able to create macros that will run under Windows 95/98/NT platforms.
-Added “Record Macros” functionality that allows the user to record the current actions performed on the application and then playback them for subsequent use.
-Added a “Help” button to the “Macro Wizard” dialog box to quickly open the Access Help Book.
What’s New in Version 1.2:
-KeyMacro can now export Microsoft Access 95 databases.
-KeyMacro can now export Microsoft Access 97 databases.
-KeyMacro can now open Access 97 databases.
-Macro Wizard now includes a “Triggers” menu that allows the user to set up “Triggers” that are customized events that can be invoked from the “Macro Wizard” dialog box.
-Macro Wizard now includes a “Help” button that allows the user to open the Access Help Book.
-Fixed several bugs that were found.
What’s New in Version 1.1:
-New “Macro Wizard” dialog box that allows the user to create macros with the added option to record each action performed.
-Fixed several bugs that were found.
KeyMacro is a powerful and very versatile Add- 84e02134c1

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+ Audacity
+ New Wave Editor
+ Audio-Elements
+ Absynth
+ VSTForx
* VSTForx: 6 out of 6 points
The plugin is well integrated with Audacity and offers you the ability to edit your audio files using the New Wave Editor. It also lets you use the VST plugin and Audio-Elements and Absynth.
+ Convert Audio Peaks:
* Audio levels to MIDI notes
* MIDI notes to Audio levels
* Audio level to Audio level
* Audio level to MIDI note
+ Volume control:
* Controller 1: Balance
* Controller 2: Soft Clip
* Controller 3: Stereo Side-chain
+ Audio Meters:
* Volume meters for tracks 1 and 2
* RMS meters for tracks 1 and 2
* Peaks meter for track 1
* Digital Peak meter for track 1
* Clip meter for track 1
* Soft clip meter for track 1
+ Crossfader:
* Frequency range:
* Varying note:
+ MIDI controllers:
* Controller 1: Modulator
* Controller 2: Gate
* Controller 3: Modulator
* Controller 4: Gate
* Controller 5: Modulator
* Controller 6: Gate
* Controller 7: Modulator
+ MIDI Settings:
* MIDI Channel 1
* MIDI Track 1
* MIDI Track 2
+ MIDI messages:
* Modulator
* Gate
* Start channel
+ Duration:
* Time of playing track 1
* Time of playing track 2
* Peak of playing track 1
* Peak of playing track 2
+ Audio level:
* Master audio level
+ Automatic Meter:
* Start audio level
* Channel audio level
* Track 1 audio level
* Track 2 audio level
* RMS level of track 1
* RMS level of track 2
* Peak level of track 1
* Peak level of track 2
+ Folders:
* VSTForx
+ MIDI Filters:
* 1 to 4 audio parameters
+ Quality Control:
* Mix down for tracks 1 and 2
* Mix up for tracks 1 and 2
* Averaging:
* Average level for tracks 1 and 2
+ Reset
* Average RMS for tracks 1 and 2
* Average Peak for tracks 1 and 2
* Average Duration for tracks 1 and 2
* Average Gain for tracks 1 and 2
* Average