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Airfox is a reliable Internet browsing application which allows you to easily navigate the Web, visit your favorite pages, create bookmarks or manage downloads. The browser ensure a fast navigation, data security and a quick tool for clearing browsing data, such as website history or cache.
Simplistic interface, convenient browsing experience
Airfox offers you a quick and convenient Internet navigating experience thanks to its friendly interface and engine. Similarly to other powerful browsers, Airfox is built on the Gecko Engine, which ensures speed, privacy and security for the Web navigation.
The software offers several tools which facilitate the easy access to specific websites and quickly switching between pages. You may open several different tabs and access many websites at the same time, or browse back and forth between recently visited pages. Moreover, you can open a link in a new window and manage the functions from the side menu.
Additional functions
Aside from the convenient Internet browsing experience, Airfox also features an integrated email client, which allows you to receive messages from various addresses. You need to setup the client by specifying the email service and account you are using. Moreover, Airfox includes a HTML editor, which offers a wide variety of text editing tools and a preview tab.
Managing preferences
Airfox allows you to create bookmarks in a simple manner: you need to open the bookmark managing center, then add the current tab to the list or remove the selected link. Similarly, you can easily erase the browsing history and cache with a single mouse click, on the designated button.
You may customize the functions of Airfox by modifying them from the Settings menu. However, this section is reserved for advanced users, which is why the program displays a warning before directing you to the settings menu. In other words you may only change advanced settings, an action which can affect the stability, security or performance of the browser.
Reliable browser in the development phase
Airfox is a powerful browser, which can easily and properly display even those pages that are rich in Flash content, videos and multimedia elements. However, you might encounter difficulties when downloading items, especially when using the integrated download manager. Also, it does not support opening links in new windows/tabs: you need to open the tab, then paste the link.

Airtel said its new service, Live Phone, will cost Rs 497 in Delhi and Rs 447 in Mumbai. Airtel has said a new service, Live Phone, will cost Rs 497 in Delhi and Rs 447 in Mumbai eea19f52d2


NMath Mono Math-Library is a math library for the.NET Framework which is completely asynchronous, thread safe, open source and uses the Compact Framework 3.5 or Mono 2.0 or later (32-bit).The invention relates to an ignition-gap measuring device for use in a direct-injection internal combustion engine.
An ignition-gap measuring device of this type is used for monitoring the ignition-gap of a direct-injection internal combustion engine. The direct-injection internal combustion engine includes a combustion chamber which has a depression for collecting fuel and a plurality of injector holes for conducting fuel into the combustion chamber. The injectors are disposed within the depression in the combustion chamber, and each injector has an inlet portion for introducing fuel from the depression and a discharge portion for introducing the fuel into the combustion chamber.
It is a common practice to introduce a measured fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber in order to form a homogeneous mixture for the combustion. In order to produce a homogeneous mixture, the discharge portion of each injector is controlled so that the fuel discharged from each injector passes through the wall of the combustion chamber. The wall of the combustion chamber has a tendency to be unevenly thick. Thus, a given portion of the wall of the combustion chamber may not be sufficiently thick to allow the fuel to pass therethrough. In other words, there is a risk of fuel stratification in the combustion chamber. A fuel stratification means that a portion of the wall of the combustion chamber is so thin that the fuel discharged from each injector does not reach the wall. As a result, the fuel-air mixture may become inhomogeneous. In this situation, the overall output of the engine is reduced, and the fuel consumption rate is increased.
To avoid this problem, it is desirable to form the combustion chamber so as to have a certain thickness. However, it is difficult to obtain a homogeneous mixture because the injection points of the injectors are limited to a specified space, e.g., the depression of the combustion chamber. As a result, the volume of the combustion chamber is limited. If the volume of the combustion chamber is insufficient, then the distribution of the fuel is insufficient. In this situation, the homogeneous mixture cannot be produced. Thus, it is impossible to obtain a satisfactory engine output.Tags

Woodworth, born in 1859 in Hanover County, Virginia, was the son of a Presbyterian minister and received his undergraduate education at the College