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– Support downloading, uploading, searching and playing swf files.
– Support auto startup.
– Support Multiple ways to control the play status.
– Support playback control, such as: play/pause, skip and speed control.
– Support playback detailed information, including: current time, total time, duration, actual time, remaining time, total frames, total frames and so on.
– Support importing/exporting files.
– Support multiple file format.
– Support importing multiple files.
– Support importing multiple swf files at once.
– Support bookmark.
– Support searching the file.
– Support showing download status.
– Support showing file size.
– Support showing file location.
– Support drag and drop function.
– Support button, timer and so on.
– Support all windows of Mac OS.
– Support all windows of Windows.
– Support multiple platform, such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android.
– Support multiple languages.
– Support multiple skins.
– Support various skins.
– Support full skin control.
– Support 3-step skin control.
– Support full skin control.
– Support 2-step skin control.
– Support text background.
– Support automatic update.
– Support fast searching and installation.
– Support start and pause the document with a shortcut key.
– Support when adding a SWF file, it will automatically be checked and downloaded.
– Support when adding a SWF file, it will be downloaded automatically.
– Support saving a SWF file locally.
– Support pausing playback in the middle.
– Support multi-playback for the same file.
– Support play the next and previous SWF file.
– Support pause the middle.
– Support setting the sound.
– Support set the default sound.
– Support volume adjustment.
– Support volume control.
– Support transpose.
– Support transposition.
– Support pause the background.
– Support starting/pausing playback.
– Support opening/closing the document.
– Support opening multiple documents.
– Support close the document.
– Support copy/paste files.
– Support export the file.
– Support download files.
– Support batch download files.
– Support downloading.
– Support search files.
– Support preview files.
– Support drag and drop.
– Support play the file.
– Support drag and drop. 84e02134c1

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This macro allows the Excel spreadsheets to import and export files through MACRO commands. The program is compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel.
You may use the Excel MACRO command to import and export file formats such as Word, Excel, Text, PDF, HTML, ZIP, JPEG, or Image files. You may even use the command to copy and paste between two files or to send e-mail.
If the spreadsheet that contains the MACRO command contains a file that has the same name as the macro, the program will identify and use it, and you need not to type it manually. You can even use your favorite search engine to easily find the files that match the required criteria.
The program supports all Microsoft Office formats and any of the supported file types can be imported or exported in a formatted manner. The program also automatically converts files between different versions and formats.
KEYMACRO allows you to import a file or folder through the included Import Wizard or by dragging and dropping it into the designated folder. You can also export a file or folder by choosing the desired destination from the list of the supported file formats.
KEYMACRO also allows you to batch file by selecting the desired target and pressing the Import button.
The program supports all the standard file extensions for the majority of the formats. The program will first search for any file with the same name and then search all the subfolders of the selected folder for other matching files.
The program allows you to add a description to your import file or folder so that you may be able to find it later.
KEYMACRO allows you to import or export multiple files at once. The program allows you to select the multiple files and adds them to the list in the order that they were selected. You can also sort the files alphabetically or numerically.
The program will then search through the files and move them to their required destination. You can even select multiple destinations if you are only interested in moving the file or folder to a certain folder. You may also choose to move the files to multiple destinations at once.
The program supports the following file extensions: