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  • P.H.A.T Baby the Comedian

    P.H.A.T Baby the Comedian

    Being a comedian almost speaks for itself but this comedian is making a serious come back ain't know stopping her now and she is definitely unfiltered and unbothered check out her podcast on Thurs. & Saturdays.
  • The J Lounge

    The J Lounge

    The J Lounge is a celebrity based podcast show, there you can find the Hottest Celebrity and entertainment news, so sit back and relax and get ready to hang with Miss J. She can be heard on Fridays & Saturdays
  • The LOFF

    The LOFF

    The LOFF is a platform show that shines on all the unknown stars of the world, our hard working independent artist. This is the comfort zone to all gifts and talents, the place to be 100% you. It's totally all about you and the opportunity to tell your story now. So lounge with me and let's light up the world together, in unity.

  • Today's Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones

    Today's Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones

    "Today's Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones" are Spirit filled Bible based messages that are relevant to this present time. These impactful messages will stir hearts and minds. The aim is to encourage believers to continue in the faith and compel unbelievers to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord".

  • #LJDNLive Conversations @8 with Noir Raven

    #LJDNLive Conversations @8 with Noir Raven

    Noir Raven videos are about politics, life, and at times GenZ dating. He discusses trending topics regarding what’s going on in the world today his topics vary. Although quirky Raven is very serious about today’s situations and hopes to run for a political office in his future. diamondjulius78@gmail.com

  • The Social Health Work Show

    The Social Health Work Show

    On this show, we talk about things that affect our overall health. Everything we do socially affects us physically in some way. Here we can talk and sometimes have some fun with some of the subjects. Our health dictates our being in everything we do, it doesn’t see rich or poor, black or white, skinny or fat. We point out the good and the bad and talk about it.

  • GGBB Formerly Laugh Now Cry Later

    GGBB Formerly Laugh Now Cry Later

    Although I haven’t recorded a Podcast in a while doesn’t mean I am not coming back. Just like you, life gets in the way, you know your OTJ issues, working, dealing with these negros out here… need I say more. I hope you enjoy my podcast which is about life, my life, and sometimes that can suck. Never stop #reinventing yourself. jsavijre52@gmail.com

  • Dimensional Talent Streams

    Dimensional Talent Streams

    The Dimensional Talent Streams podcast featuring Valerie Williams Dimensional Talent Streams is coming to it’s listening audience with a unique experience by providing coaching & business consulting with an inspirational & motivational approach.
  • The LJDNShow

    The LJDNShow

    To get to where you’re going you’ve got to know where you came from. Humble Roots are not really something you’ll find in today’s society. These podcasts will tell you where I came from.

  • The Nefesh Lifestyle

    The Nefesh Lifestyle


    Natural medicine, repairing cells internally, weight loss, food and diet, diseases, obesity, mental health, and religion..

  • In The Cut with Jay

    In The Cut with Jay

    Relationships, marriage, motivational, inspirational, heartwarming, funny, family.
  • Keeping It Real with Susan

    Keeping It Real with Susan

    Religion simplified, Relationships, motivational, inspirational, religious.
  • Mahogany Fawn Mobcast

    Mahogany Fawn Mobcast

    Mahogany Fawn Mobcast is a Podcast is about real issues discussed by real people in real-time. I have had conversations that were sexual in nature, how to mix cocktails conversations as it relates to my generation as it relates to being self-employed “ie” entrepreneurship. If you like bold conversations then you are going to love my mobcast. I can be heard Mondays thru Fridays each day with its own theme, hear me only on LJDNPodcast Radio, check the schedule for my show-times as they will vary. You can contact me at:
  • Restoration For Live

    Restoration For Live

    With host Dr. Ruby Ward Relationships, motivational, inspirational, religious.
  • The Lina Jones  -Just Me- Podcast

    The Lina Jones -Just Me- Podcast

    LJDNPodcast What’s up #diamonds! It’s me I am back with my new podcast “Lina Jones -Just Me-“ unscripted and no guest it’s a 30 min. podcast about STUFF as I like to call it. I talk about my break from podcasting, my studio during 2020 Covid, I am very open and candid. When you need relief and need to just get it off your chest, a podcast is a therapeutic way to do it. and why not start with LJDNPodcast and support a micro business. Check me out Monday’s.

About Us

About Us

LJDNPodcast is under the umbrella of the LJDNetwork which has been around since 2014. We stream podcasts 24/7 with 7 years of podcasting experience.  We have been playing podcasts on LJDNPodcast.com since 2020.  Our podcasters are regular folks from all over sharing all types of conversations for your entertainment.  We have a steadily growing medium network of about 25k, our CEO Lina Jones has around 13K (and still growing) downloads on her Podcast the LJDNShow.  She has taken some of the same techniques to get her Podcasters heard right here on LJDNPodcast. We care about your content want you to be heard. If you are a Podcast listener enter a category or a particular Podcaster in the search box and listen, if you can’t find a particular category email us and we will add it  (it must fit in the LJDNetwork culture)  or start it with your own Podcast! We are sponsor supported, if you would like to be a sponsor email us for more information or click the donate button in the footer at the bottom of this page if you would like to make a donation we would appreciate it, every little bit to help us continue to bring new entertainment to our listening audience. Being sponsor-supported keeps our prices fair and competitive.  Your donation is tax-deductible.  We can’t guarantee you followers and really know one can (unless you are paying for them), but we can say your Podcast will be heard so go ahead and be yourself.  To get started click the link below and please make sure your information is accurate for our representatives.


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