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Serial to Ethernet Connector is a simple and intuitive software application that manages the local and remote transfer of data. It can connect 2 serial devices (RS232, RS422, or RS485) or 1 RS232 device and any number of TCP/IP devices.
Its main goal is to establish connections via one or more Local Area Networks (LANs), also known as Ethernet, via the network protocols and the Internet protocol.
Serial Ethernet Connector can be used to manage the following:
▢ Real ports (and their lengths)
▢ Virtual RS232 ports
▢ Virtual RS422 ports
▢ Virtual RS485 ports
▢ Virtual TCP/IP ports
▢ Virtual UDP ports
▢ Shared (virtual or real) serial port
▢ Shared virtual serial port
Serial to Ethernet Connector Basic Functions:
Real RS232, RS422, and RS485 ports are created within the application. From there, you can use real- or virtual-serial data streams within the application and manage, remotely, the connection between 2 devices or between 2 devices and a Network (Ethernet) interface.
At the same time, Serial Ethernet Connector is able to create virtual ports for establishing TCP/IP connections between 2 devices and a Network (Ethernet) interface.
Here are some common uses:
▢ Connecting to and configuring network-attached devices
▢ Remotely accessing 2 or more nodes in order to perform some sort of monitoring or configuration
▢ Remotely accessing to TCP/IP-enabled devices (devices with a TCP/IP interface)
▢ Remotely communicating with nodes on other networks (Internet)
▢ Remotely communicating with devices running different operating systems
Serial to Ethernet Connector Technical Specifications:
Serial Ethernet Connector is a complete solution to manage connections.
In fact, it offers 3 types of connections:
▢ Local connection between 2 nodes
▢ Connection between 2 nodes through the network
▢ Connection between 2 nodes and a TCP/IP interface
The application also offers 3 methods of data-transmission, which are dependent on the type of connections the tool has established:
▢ Real serial
▢ Virtual serial
And, to offer even more, the application provides 3 methods of managing the created ports (directly or indirectly), which are as follows:
▢ Real serial port (and its length)
▢ Virtual serial port
▢ Virtual UDP port
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How to save a video or video clip on your computer

PC Coach Tips – How to save a video or video clip on your computer

Any computer users like me should know how to save video and how to cut video so they can use it later in other applications, if they have to cut a video or video clip on their computer, but how to save a video or video clip on your computer so you can cut it later, this is a kind of difficulties that a lot of people would like to have a solution.

After you have watched a video or video clip on YouTube, Youku or anywhere else and you want to save it on your computer so you can cut it later or use it somewhere else.

There are multiple ways to do this:


Downloader – It’s a good way to save a video or video clip on your computer because you don’t need to do anything but you just need to download the video or video clip to your computer directly and you can use it.

However, it has one disadvantage: if the video or video clip you want to save has been deleted by you or someone else, you will not be able to find it at the downloader.


Cutting – It’s a good way to save a video or video clip on your computer because it does the same thing as a downloader does, but the difference is that you need to have a video cutting software in your computer so you can cut the video or video clip you want to save on it.

If you have to cut a video or video clip, this video cutting software is the best way to do