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FileBoss is a free and open-source file manager and toolbox.
Full-featured file manager
FileBoss is a light and powerful file manager. It has a simple interface, but it contains a lot of tools and options for file operations, like renaming, creating duplicate files, merging them, copying folders or files, making backups, comparing files and folders, searching for files or folders, changing files properties, and much more.
Drag-and-drop support
With a large window split into two panes, it’s possible to create an easy backup solution by selecting multiple files and copying them to the destination by drag-and-drop. This feature works for any kind of file, including any type of file (txt, html, gif, jpg, wmv, swf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, ppt, mp3, mp4, jpg, wma, avi, png, etc.).
Actions customization
The program supports many actions that you can execute on files or folders. It’s possible to use it for file renaming, copying, moving, moving files and folders, creating shortcuts, creating duplicates, batch processing, splitting files or folders, and several other features.
Multi-tasking file manager
You can use FileBoss to browse your local hard drive or network shares, select one or more files or folders, and organize the current tab (e.g. rename the selected files or folders, create subfolders, sort by their name or type, search for particular file names, remove selected items, etc.). Furthermore, you can customize the sorting options, show the location of the folder in the file manager, select which files will be shown in the dual pane, modify the view properties, and use FileBoss’ editing tools, like duplicate files, make backups, merge or move files or folders, change file properties, and so on.
Backup files
FileBoss can create several kinds of backups, like regular, incremental, file, and volume. It’s possible to create an unlimited number of file backups (but not for volume backups). Additionally, you can create automated incremental backups, which are saved to a separate directory on the same hard drive as the original files and at the end of each backup, it automatically backs up the newly created files.
In FileBoss’ toolbox, you can find various file operations, like open and edit files, drag- 384a16bd22

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All the necessary tools to create and edit a drawing.
X-MyPaint Requirements:
FTP/SSL for online-update.
APP-Proprietary (not free).

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Let’s not forget that this is the same legislature that was elected in 2012 in part on a promise to repeal