This program includes 50 ready to use Photoshop actions for you to modify and create a wide variety of effects on your photos. Thanks to Photoshop action, you can change the color of the object, resize, transform, apply a filter or a graphic effect or merge several images together. The 50 ready to use Photoshop actions in the software are inspired by famous professional photographers and graphic artists. So you can transform your photos in just a few clicks.

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Juicer is a powerful multimedia converter that allows you to search, preview, convert, and save any kind of multimedia files in most formats, including audio, video, images, text, and Flash projects.
The program provides an efficient and user-friendly interface, helping you to save time and effort when working with files in various formats.
Rich libraries
To begin with, you will need to enter the desired database where you will search for the video you want to convert. You can search for any type of media files in various categories, including video and audio, and then open the results list to preview or download them.
The program can find dozens of media libraries and allows you to save many items to the list of converted items. You can download the selected files right from the preview panel.
The converter supports standard formats, including audio, video, animations, photos, shapes, and frames, as well as projects, fonts, or audio effects.
Multimedia files can be converted to a wide variety of formats, including AVI, WMV, QuickTime, PSD, BMP, JPG, and PNG. You can also save the items from your selected list as audio, Flash, MP3 or WAV files.
Alternatively, you can add files from the selected list to a batch list, and then save the list and render the images at a later time. Juicer also enables you to create photo sets, slide shows and videos from your media files.
You can also create custom lists and use them to search for different media files. You can save the lists as ZIP files and later import them to another computer.
The program is compatible with all the products designed by Digital Juice collaborators, including video filters, audio effects, or project panels eea19f52d2


100DOFProKeyLock enables you to protect your mouse and keyboard in a non-obtrusive way. It keeps track of your actions, and automatically locks down your mouse and keyboard when inactive, making it impossible to use the computer without entering a password.
100DOFProKeyLock is all in one solution. It protects you from losing valuable work, and protects your computer from unwanted access.
100DOFProKeyLock Features:
– Protect your keyboard and mouse from unauthorized access
– It keeps track of your actions and locks your computer when inactive
– Protects your computer from unwanted access
– It protects your work when you’re on vacation, or even while you’re on the go
– It stops you from losing valuable work when you forget your password
– Protects your children from accidents or other computer users from stealing your passwords
– Protects your computer from unwanted access
– Protects you from unauthorized access
– It protects your work when you’re on vacation, or even while you’re on the go
– It stops you from losing valuable work when you forget your password
– Protects your children from accidents or other computer users from stealing your passwords

May 17th

100 DOF ProKeyLock 2.0.29 APK

100 DOF ProKeyLock is a software tool whose purpose is to aid individuals in locking their mouse and keyboard buttons and password-protecting it.
Non-obtrusive interface
The installation process does not bring any kind of surprises and runs quite smooth, while the interface you come by is plain and unobtrusive, as it is sent to the system tray from the first run. Moreover, it is comprised of several buttons, boxes and tabs, thus ensuring a quick access to all available options.
It becomes quite clear that both beginners and highly experienced people can learn how to handle it, without running into any kind of issues.
Settings to configure
By clicking the systray icon, you bring up a simple context menu which enables you to access the comprehensive Help contents, view details about the developers, enable or disable locks, as well as access the settings panel.
The latter enables you to lock the wheel and all mouse buttons on the entire screen, or on a specified area from it. Aside from that, you can disable all buttons on your keyboard, as well as key combinations.
Passwords can be created so as to allow you show the settings panel, quite this