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Macro definitions and functions for use in developing projects, storing source code, building web applications and reducing the use of “”s and //. It was developed as a part of the MakeWebProject pro/3-D Project.
PRO-LOG Description:
A modern programming environment for embedded programming on microcontrollers. It can be used in both software and hardware projects as well as in testing and debugging projects. PRO-LOG uses BASIC-like syntax and provides a variety of functions to create programs.
MSH & LDR Description:
A simple and compact module designed to store source code and log actions taken during the development of software. It can be used with various editors or IDEs.
USER-ASSERT Description:
A collection of simple assertions and blocks of code that you can insert in your projects to check and ensure that some code logic is correct.
PERL/XS Description:
A set of Perl functions that enables you to work with basic data structures, including arrays and hashes, and produce code that can be used in your projects. The available Perl functions are also known as XS extensions.
PSYTRAN Description:
The PsyShell project is a self-contained shell built with PostgreSQL. It provides an interactive shell for the creation, maintenance, administration and development of PostgreSQL databases. It is the second self-contained shell available for PostgreSQL.
Reduced Intermediate Language Description:
An open-source Intermediate Language for use in the ARM instruction set. This Intermediate Language is available to programs written in C.
RPi.GPIO Description:
A small library for use in projects that need to interface with the RPi.GPIO modules.
RLU Description:
A small library for use in projects that need to interface with the rlu (Real-Life User) module.
SPL Description:
SPL is a simple project management system based on the concept of Tasks.
SOLO-GUI Description:
The SOLO-GUI project is a tool for the construction of the front-end user interface of the Solology project, which is a goal-based system for the management of peer-to-peer projects.
STRUCTURE Description:
A project of the PI-NET Consortium. It enables you to create structured C code, similar to the code in a database.
SWIG Description:
SWIG is a system that creates libraries in C, C++, and other languages that can be used to create Python 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a free video capture and editing software for OS X. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for beginners and professionals. With its visual interface and live preview, KeyMacro is designed to allow you to create video easily and quickly.
KeyMacro also provides various editing tools, including time-lapse, image overlays and effects, video titles, and transitions.
KeyMacro is especially designed for all kinds of photographers, and video editors, as well as anyone who wants to make great videos.
KeyMacro includes everything that is necessary for you to quickly create videos, and your creativity is endless!
• Time-lapse
• Camera mode
• Cross-processing
• Video editing
• Image overlays and effects
• Video title
• Video transition
• Custom filter
• 4K and HD playback
• Camera editing
• Audio remuxing
• Audio/video sync
KeyMacro is very easy to use. Just import the videos you want to process, and hit “Process.” KeyMacro will do the rest of the work for you.
KeyMacro will save to internal storage as a.mp4 file, and optionally save to external storage as.mp4 files as well. And you can drag.mp4 files from anywhere in the Finder, or wherever you want to save them, directly to KeyMacro for editing.
KeyMacro includes 4 kinds of advanced filters. Just set the filters you like, and then KeyMacro will process the files for you.
KeyMacro is also the first 3D cross-processing app for OS X, which can create 3D text effect on screen. KeyMacro supports many 4K video editing and photos editing effects. With KeyMacro, you can also cut the video and the images together as you like, and make any video look like a slideshow, which is great for photo and video sharing.
KeyMacro supports importing and editing videos from multiple sources, including videos from your Android device via USB, videos saved to external storage, and videos from your camera.
KeyMacro includes many useful editing functions, such as image/video cropping, crop rotation, text overlay, image/video timeline, video playback, export and so on.
KeyMacro can apply time-lapse/motion effect on your images or videos for time-lapse videos. You can also create custom filters and effects and apply the effects on different clips