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WhiteSnake Editor is a plain text editor (with some additional features) for implementing game-based programming tasks and projects. It allows you to take apart and work on various existing code snippets and projects, so that you can use them to make your own games. The main purpose of this text editor is to simplify the process of coding. It works similar to Notepad or Notepad++, and has several specific features like highlighting, syntax highlighting, and built-in commands for working with code. It is possible to edit and work on multiple projects at once, and the application has a built-in compiler that will allow you to upload your code to a server.

What You Should Know About Active Directory: 2017 Edition
You’ve had to learn about Active Directory for ages, but it’s about time you mastered it. If you want to pick up Active Directory in a hurry, read on, and brush up on the basics before moving on.
What is AD?
First things first: Active Directory, otherwise known as AD, is one of the main ways for managing directory services on your network. It’s an authorization system that allows you to control network access in a centralized location, and the best way to use this network is by developing applications to access different resources.
When you work with AD, you need to be aware of five key things:

A Domain is a collection of users and computers that exists on a specific network.

AD tools are used to administer and manage this network.

Active Directory is a method for allowing specific users to access specific resources.

An application that accesses AD needs to be properly configured.

All these steps are required to manage AD properly.

What to Look Out For with AD: 2017 Edition
The information you need in order to handle AD can be found in three places, and we’ll briefly go over them.

Active Directory Users and Computers
This is an important tool for seeing information about every user on the network. It is used to manage Windows computers, and even allow you to run users. It’s also a central place for granting and controlling access.

Active Directory Services
This section is one of the most important aspects of AD because without it, you cannot manage anything in the network. It can be accessed from any computer on the network, and is the place where user accounts are stored.

Active Directory Security
This section is where you will find all the information eea19f52d2

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