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KEYMACRO is a powerful keylogger that lets you spy on your children, friends, employees, and even your spouse. It records all keystrokes, all in real-time. Your family, friends, and colleagues can be assured you are not watching them.
A smart keylogger with excellent features, even bigger than others. What else do you need?
“Spy in one easy step”
Amazing Functions:
Keyboard Spying
– Easily find and spy on your target: spy on your children, spouse, friends, and co-workers with ease.
– Supports more than 20 keyboards. Record anything typed on your keyboard and mouse.
Spy on IM chat
– Monitor all IM chats and record the text, files, voice, and other types of media.
Realtime Chat Monitoring
– Capture IM chat conversations in real-time, even if the target is offline.
File Record and Capture
– Save chat logs as txt/rtf/pdf/excel/mp4/vcard/jpg/wmv format.
Password Storage and Recovery
– View all saved passwords, including usernames, account name, password, domain, IP addresses, etc.
On-screen Keyboard
– Even if the target is typing on a remote system, you can record his keys.
Remote Spy
– Spy on another computer at your home, anywhere in the world, without installing any software.
Constant recording
– Auto start the recording every time the target uses a mouse or keyboard.
Remotely control
– Spy on the target without even leaving your home.
Live recording
– Live view of the target and the messages being sent by your target.
Granular options
– Fine-tune the settings of the program, and manage the recorded files easily.
“Please try KEYMACRO”
Powerful Features:
– Extremely reliable, fast, and easy-to-use.
– Supports many languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and more.
“Record log”
– Record logs of all the files in the system.
“Multiple servers support”
– Multi-threading, multi-language, and multi-platform. It works smoothly on Windows 7, 8, 10, and even on Linux.
“No Internet need”
– Works without the need to install Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger.
“No root access”
– 384a16bd22

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1-1. Introduction:
2-2. Main Features:

3-3. System Requirements:
4-4. System Setup:

5-5. Basic Features:
5-5-1. Sorting
5-5-2. Backup
5-5-3. Folder Sorting
5-5-4. Folder Backup
5-5-5. Windows Explorer Drag-and-Drop Feature
5-5-6. Options Window
5-5-7. Window Basic
5-5-8. Tools Window
5-5-9. Treeview
5-5-10. Time Remaining
5-5-11. Save
5-5-12. Import
5-5-13. Import Folder
5-5-14. Delete
5-5-15. Rename
5-5-16. Properties
5-5-17. Cut
5-5-18. Copy
5-5-19. Paste
5-5-20. Map, Coordinates, and Locality
5-5-21. Search
5-5-22. Profile Settings
5-5-23. Connectivity
5-5-24. Printing
5-5-25. General
5-5-26. About
5-5-27. Help
5-5-28. Exit

6-6. Display Settings:
6-6-1. Language
6-6-2. Style
6-6-3. Title Bar
6-6-4. Font Size
6-6-5. Tool Bar
6-6-6. Width
6-6-7. Height
6-6-8. Show Font Bars
6-6-9. Grid
6-6-10. Grid Color
6-6-11. Grid Units
6-6-12. Grid Line
6-6-13. Zoom Percentage
6-6-14. Zoom View
6-6-15. Floating
6-6-16. Show labels
6-6-17. Show size
6-6-18. Show dot
6-6-19. Show Clear
6-6-20. Panning
6-6-21. Scale
6-6-22. Icon Size
6-6-23. Text