The KEYMACRO utility is a music notation software designed for those looking for a quick and simple way to create and edit song sheets. On the surface, the program is pretty simple. You can either drag and drop or import a song into the program and start writing it in real-time.
Beats, Measures and Time
The KEYMACRO software lets you adjust the beats per measure (BPM) and the timing of the measures. This is done by selecting the measure number. The program displays the position of the selected measure and displays the beats per measure. To view the time signature, you need to select the time signature option.
If you want to use the KEYMACRO music notation software to create drum tabs, you need to make sure that the piece you want to export is a standard 2/4 or 4/4 measure. You will need to select the second, fourth, or eighth tab at the bottom of the program and write the song title there.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
When using the keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly create notes and drag them anywhere on the page. To write a note, press the S key to select a note and then write your notes. To move the cursor, press the cursor keys.
Editing Options:
The editing options allow you to adjust various aspects of the written piece. For example, you can adjust the note or staff spacing. You can move the measure numbers, delete or add notes, and print the note or staff.
More Info:
KeyMACRO is a music notation software designed to create songs. It allows you to create basic songs with just a few options. You can drag notes around to the music notate your song.

Mixtrack – Volume 3 Ultimate DAW Suite
Looking for a DAW that offers powerful features for working with music at high quality? Then look no further than the Mixtrack – Volume 3 Ultimate DAW Suite. Whether you are producing full-length albums, mixing projects, editing audio, or simply working on music you want to share with your friends and family, the Mixtrack – Volume 3 Ultimate DAW Suite will provide the tools you need to accomplish your goals.
Mixtrack – Volume 3 Ultimate DAW Suite features the Mixtrack audio tool, as well as the Mixtrack Mastering Suite.
The Mixtrack Audio Tool
With the Mixtrack Audio Tool, you can import, create, process, and export audio. You can import all 84e02134c1

SuperGIS Desktop
WordPress Uploader
SOFA Statistics
DefencePlus Server Edition
Thredd for Firefox
Lead King Phone Broadcast
BatchRename Free Edition
Steghide UI
Microsoft VirtualEarth Map Downloader
Hide Drive(s)
3herosoft DVD to BlackBerry Converter
Universal Mapper
Symlink helper
Intel Power Gadget
Math Expression Calculator
Computer Time Control
Twinword Finder

Windows hotkeys to launch and control this application (F1 to F6, respectively)
Launch with/settings:
Saves the application in an executable form for portability (Windows only)
Toggles Scale:
Scrolls the workspace to the correct scaling (required for TrussSolver to work)
Move window:
Moves the workspace to the defined location
Center window:
Centers the workspace on the defined location
Move command history:
Lets you move the workspace to the defined location (this can be used to move the workspace up/down or left/right)
Scale command history:
Moves the workspace to the defined location (this can be used to scale up/down or left/right)
Export command history:
Saves the workspace to a specified location (this can be used to move, scale, center, etc.)
Load command history:
Opens the specified saved workspace from a specified location (this can be used to move, scale, center, etc.)
Clear command history:
Clears the workspace of the last-saved command history
Settings window:
Configures the application to your requirements
Project Manager:
Allows you to open multiple projects and manage their characteristics
Calculate command history:
Allows you to perform certain calculations in the workspace
Allows you to view the help screen
Adobe Photoshop (PSD) compatibility:
TrussSolver works as expected when you open a Photoshop project (PSD)
Windows shortcut:
Allows you to set a shortcut to the application’s file in order to launch it with a single click

Compatibility notes:
TrussSolver works as expected on Microsoft Windows 10, but it has some limitations on Linux and MacOS. It requires the following:

The latest version of g++ compiler (8.2.0 or above)
The latest version of GNU Make (4.2.1 or above)
The latest version of QT Creator

This software was not tested on the following operating systems:

Apple MacOS
Borland C++Builder
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual C#

TrussSolver is available for purchase at the official website of the publisher.


There’s at least two open source applications that can probably do what you want: