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F3: Show/Hide main window
F4: Show/Hide guide
F5: Show/Hide timer bar
F6: Show/Hide chart
F7: Show/Hide result
F8: Show/Hide date
F9: Show/Hide the instructions
F10: Show/Hide step by step
F11: Show/Hide reset (this shortcut will be moved soon)
F12: Show/Hide instructions
Keyboard Macro:
F13: Show/Hide the instructions
F14: Show/Hide the solution
F15: Show/Hide the result
F16: Show/Hide the steps
F17: Show/Hide the instructions
F18: Show/Hide the reset
F19: Show/Hide the setup
F20: Show/Hide the chart
F21: Show/Hide the timer bar
F22: Show/Hide the guide
F23: Show/Hide the date
F24: Show/Hide the result
F25: Show/Hide the main window
F26: Show/Hide the shortcuts
F27: Hide the main window
F28: Hide the shortcuts
F29: Hide the instructions
F30: Hide the steps
F31: Hide the result
F32: Hide the chart
F33: Hide the timer bar
F34: Hide the guide
F35: Hide the date
F36: Hide the result
F37: Hide the solution
F38: Hide the setup
F39: Hide the instructions
F40: Hide the reset
F41: Hide the chart
F42: Hide the timer bar
F43: Hide the guide
F44: Hide the date
F45: Hide the result
F46: Hide the solution
F47: Hide the setup
F48: Hide the instructions
F49: Hide the reset
F50: Hide the chart
F51: Hide the timer bar
F52: Hide the guide
F53: Hide the date
F54: Hide the result
F55: Hide the solution
F56: Hide the setup
F57: Hide the instructions
F58: Hide the reset
F59: Hide the chart
F60: Hide the timer bar
F61: Hide the guide
F62: Hide the date
F63: Hide the result
F64: Hide the solution
F65: Hide the setup
F66: Hide the instructions
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You can scan a document quickly and efficiently. Keymacro is a tool that you can use to assist you in this task.In high performance digital systems, multiplexers are used to coordinate the flow of data within a system. A single system typically requires a large number of multiplexers to be used to efficiently route signals between different parts of the system. Each of the multiplexers has a number of select inputs that allow a particular input to be selected from the set of inputs to the multiplexer. For example, if a single multiplexer has sixteen inputs, it can be switched to route data between eight inputs to a register and eight other inputs to a flip-flop. Typically, a multiplexer’s select inputs are programmed by way of a mask, which is a pattern of zeros and ones that identify which select inputs will be enabled. For example, to route data between register B and flip-flop C, one mask must be programmed that has bits set to 1, which represents the select inputs for the multiplexer, and bits set to 0, which represent the select inputs for register B and flip-flop C.
Usually, multiplexers are programmed using one of two types of masks. The first mask type is a 1-to-1 mask. In this type of mask, each select input of the multiplexer has a corresponding bit that is set to 1. To program the select inputs for a multiplexer, the multiplexer’s bit is set to 1, which corresponds to the bit being set to 1 in the 1-to-1 mask. The multiplexer then selects the desired input(s) by way of its select inputs. To program a multiplexer having select inputs that are not equal in number to the select inputs of the multiplexer, the second type of mask is used. This type of mask is referred to as a 2-to-1 mask. In a 2-to-1 mask, bits for select inputs for the multiplexer are set to 0, and bits for a select input of the multiplexer are set to 1. With a 2-to-1 mask, the multiplexer selects the desired input(s) by way of the select inputs for the multiplexer.
In systems that have multiple select inputs for a multiplexer, a 1-to-1 mask is typically used because the setup time for the 1-to-1 mask is shorter than that of the 2