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* Fully Delete Media, Partition, Disk, File, and Folder with the up to 18 secure deletion protocols. * Shred Files and Folders at will, Kill Processes, Empty Junk Files, Empty Recycle Bin, Securely Erase & Destroy USB Drives, and More
* **Delete File** in Windows **XP**, Windows **7**, Windows **Vista**, Windows **8**, Mac OS X and Linux. * iShredder 7 completely shreds files, it is proven to be the fastest and most reliable data shredder app for secure file erasure and permanent file deletion available on Google Play Store * iShredder 7 supports up to 18 secure deletion protocols. * iShredder 7 supports USB, SD card, and Disk formats, when used in combination with USB and SD Security. * For hard drives (including SSD), Windows internal hard drive, external hard drive and flash drive, iShredder 7 supports up to 7 different secure deletion protocols for maximum security. * iShredder 7 supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS platforms. * The file eraser supports ZIP files for easier file shredding. * Can shred files, folders, USB, SD card, disk, or partitions. * Deletes files and folders, shreds files, makes memory devices and formatted disks and partitions completely unrecoverable, makes Windows internal hard drive, external hard drive and flash drive unrecoverable * Deletes sensitive documents, private photos, sensitive records, chat logs, passwords, cookies, registration information, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc,… * Make files, folders, USB, SD card, disk or partitions or Windows internal hard drive, external hard drive and flash drive unrecoverable.
**Note**: You have to install an anti-theft recovery method. For example, iShredder 7, any ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app, or other ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app.
**Note**: You have to install an anti-theft recovery method. For example, iShredder 7, any ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app, or other ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app.
Additional features:
* Protect your devices with 2 level password protection and a PIN lock code to make data unrecoverable
* Securely erase USB drive, SD card, disk, partition, files, folders and registry key in one click
* Can shred files and folders in all Windows OS platforms
* Optional Password protection, 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a very easy-to-use command line tool that can record the keystrokes as well as mouse movements into a macro file.

PulpDrive is a universal Windows application that allows you to remotely access an Internet connected computer and control it via the clipboard.
The application supports all major internet browsers and requires no additional software.
Using the PulpDrive app, you can launch a browser and then browse to any website that supports clipboards.
Once the website has loaded, you can control all major web browser functions including copy, paste, download, print, close, and focus.
Once you have finished using the remote browser, you can copy the entire clipboard content into the local clipboard where you can paste it back into the website.
PulpDrive also allows you to download or upload files from the remote computer or connect to a FTP server.
You can use your own FTP server or just start a free FTP server on your own computer.
The PulpDrive app supports most common FTP services including:
Microsoft IIS Web Server
FTP 4.5
FTP Secure
Fast File Transfer
Dr. Web
PulpDrive can use both the HTTP and FTP protocols to connect to remote computers.
You can choose between TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, or XFire for the connection type.
PulpDrive uses the HTTP and FTP protocol by default.
If you are connecting to an FTP server, PulpDrive will show you the FTP protocol info in the main window.
On the other side, you can use the clipboard or the clipboard history for making copies or downloads.
PulpDrive supports the following system clipboard history:
The app is very stable and has a nice interface.