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About My Podcast

I titled this Podcast “Sleeping with The Enemy”, a powerful name for a powerful problem majority or us women experience as trail blazers, being self-employed.

It’s not easy trying to hold down a family and work for your self at the same time. Sometime the negative energy can be horrifyingly  strong especially coming from those we love. Not having the support from your family and friends is one thing, but not having the support from your spouse or your partner is another.  You love them but they can be the biggest deterrent as to why your biz is not moving as fast or as smooth as it should. I offer some suggestions but most importantly, I try to open your eyes to take a look at what’s around you.   

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Good Girl Bad Behavior

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About My Podcast

Although I haven’t recorded a Podcast in a while doesn’t mean I am not coming back. Just like you, life gets in the way, you know your  OTJ issues, working, dealing with these negros out here… need I say more. I hope you enjoy my podcast which is about life, my life, and sometimes that can suck.  Never stop #reinventing yourself.

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LJDNLive Conversations @8 with Noir Raven

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About My Podcast

Noir Raven videos are about politics, life, and at times GenZ dating. He discusses trending topics regarding what’s going on in the world today his topics vary. Although quirky Raven is very serious about today’s situations and hopes to run for a political office in his future.