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Gpg4win provides a key generation utility (gpg4win-keys). This tool lets you generate keys based on your personal and/or trusted certificate sets.
This utility works in a very simple manner: you can either upload your X.509 certificate or, if you already have a personal or trusted certificate, you can create a new one. In the former case, you will first generate a random key. After that, you can import a trusted certificate or create a new one, which means that all keys based on that trusted certificate will be updated automatically.
The generated keys are in PEM format and can be directly imported into Gpg4win. The keys are encrypted with a secret passphrase. If you leave the passphrase empty, you will get a new key for each certificate.
Currently, the program does not support other key formats.
This software is free and open-source. It is developed by an independent developer and published under the GNU General Public License. It is available for Windows, Linux and other operating systems.
You can download the latest stable release of Gpg4win from the project’s homepage. To download the latest development version, please subscribe to the GNOME CVS repository and compile it yourself (see the user guide for more details).
Gpg4win is a command line utility. The syntax is very similar to other OpenPGP tools. It provides a CLI key generation and management tool, which, in addition to these facilities, has a GUI. Gpg4win is supported by most major Linux distributions and runs under Windows and DOS.
Gpg4win provides a daemon that lets you generate keys offline. However, you can also generate keys with the CLI, which is more secure.
A step-by-step tutorial is available on the project’s homepage.
GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) Description:
GPA is a personal information manager that lets you import, manage and export your contacts, calendar, as well as manage your account details. It includes a privacy-enhancing agent for GPG that helps you to encrypt your communication with other people.
GPA enables you to:
* select keys from a list of trusted persons or a certification request
* create, manage and import keys for your contacts and calendar
* manage your account information and send password changes to your trusted persons
* import and export data from and to other online services
* create and manage calendar appointments and invite people to meetings
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This program is intended for Mac OS X users, and has the following features:
• Extremely fast text encoding and encoding of all Mac file formats.
• Robust text editor with 1) Cut, copy, paste and move of selected text; 2) Preview images; 3) multiple selection; 4) rich features such as undo, redo, and so on.
• Swapping text is supported with a user-defined number of lines.
• Screenshot of pages (PDF, XLS, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PS, PICT, BMP, TGA, JPG, GIF, PICT, PXM, DXF, EPS, PDF, PMS, PCT, PCX, TTF, CWT, SVG, etc).
• Automatically detect pages for page by page printing.
• Customizable and convenient project management tool for Mac.
• Possibility of turning off system beeps.
• Possibility of choosing a language or region for the user interface.
• Possibility of saving projects.
• Convenient user guides.
• Support for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer.
• Possibility of adding notes in the documents.
• Possibility of using the document as a template.
• Possibility of showing and hiding the toolbar.
• Possibility of hiding the side bar.
• Possibility of editing the outline structure.
• Possibility of sorting the file in the documents.
• Possibility of highlighting and un-highlighting the lines.
• Possibility of showing and hiding the footer.
• Possibility of switching on and off automatic scrolling.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic page break.
• Possibility of leaving the page margins the same size or changing them for the current document.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic numbering of the pages.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic page numbering.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic insertion of page numbers.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic insertion of author names.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic insertion of date, page, and position.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic insertion of title.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic insertion of the table of contents.
• Possibility of switching on and off the automatic insertion of the TOC.
• Possibility of switching