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The program allows you to print a portion of web page. Selecting parts of the page to be printed by pressing the key.
The clipboard manager allows you to print, or copy, what you want from web pages, and store it as a file. When you want to print a web page, you copy the page, you paste the contents of the clipboard to a new tab and the printer is activated.
Save and delete up to 9 files with a unique name (and their content) in the EXE file.
Print directly from the clipboard, the file you choose as content of the paste.
Edit the content of the clipboard, saving the changes in the clipboard.
Copy the text or a portion of web page, or the text or picture from it.
Save a web page as an EXE file.
Use the built-in browser for all web pages you want to print.
Select how many copies to print.
Prevent the browser from automatically closing when you print.
Save the print settings, so you can use them again.
Print directly from the browser.
View and change the printer settings in the printer properties dialog.
Print directly from a file, filepath, or the clipboard.
All settings are saved when you exit.
Lots of other functions.
PANIC – Cleanup the mess if something goes wrong.
This is freeware for non-commercial use.

In the last version ( I improved some features. Now I hope you will enjoy my program.

Update 2:
Now WPS can be activated in safe mode. So now you can activate it from the start of your browser.

Update 3:
It is now possible to use, also, in safe mode. In the safe mode, the settings saved in the previous version ( are stored, and you can use it even after restarting your browser.

Update 4:
Now you can print “A” pages (content of the web page). You must download the text as a file and save it in a folder (you can use any folder you want).

Update 5:
Now when you have activated WPS in safe mode, and you close your browser, the settings will remain in the safe mode.

Update 6:
Now you can save the WPS settings on 384a16bd22

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*This plugin changes the values on a x-axis to make a blur effect.
*This plugin allows to have some music or sound from any scene that will be played along the transition.
*This plugin is for to be used when there is no possibility to have a pre-transition 
* where the soundtrack will play from the beginning of the video or movie.
*The idea is to have an effect that softens the edges of the cut tape to be heard during the transition.
*                                                                           The plugin has two modes:
*                                                                                       First mode: the audio or video will not be replaced by the soundtrack and it will be played along the transition.
*                                                                                      Second mode: the soundtrack will be played and it will replace the audio or video soundtrack.
*This plugin does not modify the soundtrack. It will keep the original sound.
*                                                                                   The transition is achieved by moving the x-axis of the line. It will change the x-axis values of the lines of the video and keep the x-axis values of the scene to be displayed in the beginning of the transition.
*                                                                                   The x-axis value will be modified from 5.5 to -5.5 by the transition.
*                                                                                      The x-axis values ​​will be set back from the transition to 0
*                                                                                   If the player is moved from the beginning of the video or movie to the end,
*                                                                                      the values ​​of the lines ​​will be the opposite to the ones that have been used to have the transition.
*                                                                                   The transition will go from the video, by deleting the time, to the end. 
*                                                                                      This will be done by the plugin by making the lines ​​with negative values of the x-axis.
*                                                                                           For example: the x-axis value ​​will be modified from 5.5 to -5.5