#LJDNLive on #LJDNRadio

Hosted by Noir Raven & Lina Jones

Talk about breaking the generation gap LJDNLive podcasts are recorded from the “Conversations at 8” segment on their live show that airs every Wednesday through Friday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  At 6:00 PM listen to the music playlist of #DJNoirRavan then at 8:00 the fun begins. Lina Jones and #Raven talks about today’s trending subjects.  They are usually in a debate about something mainly because of the age difference Raven being 20 years old and Lina being older (we’ll leave it at that).  Raven is serious and shy, a #smartass at times while Lina is fun and sarcastic at times. Either way it makes for a good combination of interesting talk & laughs, check out their live show only on LJDNRadio and LJDNPodcast.com.

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