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Save time and trouble by using keyboard shortcuts for common Windows tasks. Access system, programs, and settings with ease, or use one-click commands for common tasks.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
• Jump to start or end of file
• Jump to next/previous window
• Jump to desktop
• Jump to current folder
• Open the start menu
• Search for programs, files, and folders
• Open task manager
• Restore recently opened files
• Lock/unlock the desktop
• Open a new window
• Open a new tab in the browser
• Open the command prompt
• Launch explorer
• Show the properties dialog box
• Switch to previous screen
• Toggle the progress indicator
• Launch Notepad
• Toggle the sidebar
• Show or hide the tab bar
• Close the current window
• Open the toolbox
• Open a new instance of the current tool
• Open the document menu
• Open the currently highlighted option
• Open a new dialog box
• Open a new text box
• Zoom in/out the currently selected window
• Open the most recently used folder
• Show the system menu
• Show the properties dialog box
• Quick access to popular options
• Jump to the most recent document opened
• Jump to the last document opened
• Open a new instance of the most recent document opened
• Navigate to a folder, the desktop, or the start menu
• Switch to a different language
• Open a new file, open a new document, or open a new window
• Show the properties dialog box
• Toggle the sidebar
• Get recent files
• Create a bookmark
• Open a folder in Windows Explorer
• Cycle through recently opened files
• Open the command prompt
• Create a new folder
• Reset the command prompt window
• Open the Start menu
• Switch to the program menu
• Open the task manager
• Open a text box
• Start search
• Open the editor
• Open the file menu
• Open the Properties dialog box
• Close the current window
• Open the file directory
• Edit the system menu
• Start a new tab
• Open the property dialog box
• Create a new folder
• Open the explorer
• Open the title bar
• Open the system menu
• Go to the start menu
• Minimize/restore the current window
• Access system settings
• Start notepad
• Resize the window
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This is used to change an existing folder to an archive folder. Keymacro is used to specify the rules for changing an existing folder to an archive folder.
The selected folder must already be an archive.
If you want to make all the subfolders of the selected folder an archive, you can use the archive-all subcommand.
For more information about changing folders to archives, see Use the Subcommand Keys for Archive Folders.
On a Windows XP system, select a folder that you want to make an archive folder of and press the following key combinations:
Command Key Description
Ctrl+Shift+K Specifies the destination as an archive.
Right-click The selected folder, and then click Archive.

UNRAR File Encryption
The UNRAR software uses a strong cryptographic hash (MD5) for encryption. The MD5 hash algorithm has a hash length of 128 bits (16 bytes) and only a 64-bit output.
However, the MD5 algorithm is not an “one-way function” because it is possible to determine the input data. This means that if the input data is known, it is possible to determine the hash (MD5) and use it to encrypt the data.
The MD5 hash is an encryption standard for data integrity. It is used for encrypting and decrypting all the files that UNRAR can process.
However, MD5 has been proven to be weak for some applications.
The one-way function of MD5 enables one to generate a hash for any arbitrary input data. However, when using a hash function to generate an encryption key, this makes it easy to reverse the encryption by determining the input data.
Microsoft recommends that encryption algorithms be used with an encryption key (RSA encryption) to make decryption more difficult.
The UNRAR toolbox will enable you to use the SHA1 and SHA2 hash algorithms for encryption. These algorithms produce hashes that are 128 bits (16 bytes) in length and are considered to be more secure than MD5.
Read more about hashes and encryption
The MD5 hash algorithm is not a weak one-way hash function (OWH) because of the 64-bit output, but it is considered a weak OWH function.
For more information about hashes, read the following articles: