Create, edit and render 3D objects – Thea Render is a versatile and powerful application which makes it possible to create, edit and render 3D objects. Create objects from scratch or import them from other applications, all the way to creating their renderer. Rendering is done with several dedicated algorithms. Over a hundred different materials and textures are available to add to objects, as well as a whole bunch of pre-made objects. Create a simple cube or an enormous planet, be it from scratch, or import a model.
Engaging user interface – The user interface of Thea Render offers multiple tabs which make the whole application easier to manage. Advanced filters, individual setting, and context menus let you customize every object or scene accordingly. A double-click opens an object explorer which offers further customization options.
Multiple layers and selection – Use multiple layers in order to keep the right amount of objects in view, while still being able to apply changes easily. A context menu offers multiple options for further customization. The object explorer makes it easy to browse through all available objects.
Create and customize objects – Three Dimensional objects can be created from scratch, and imported from any number of applications, or OBJ, 3DS and SIA files. Objects can be created from scratch, or imported. It is possible to apply materials, texture positions and sizes, and even select a specific shading scheme for the scene.
Import objects – The application makes it possible to insert models, OBJ, 3DS and SIA files, as well as OBJ models.
Render and preview objects – Previews can be rendered with several algorithms, with each algorithm based on a dedicated rendering engine. The entire renderer can be customized with multiple parameters and material options. The renderings can be saved for further usage, or the image can be taken directly from the user interface.
Optimized for performance – Multiple options can be saved and applied for every object, making it possible to edit and customize complex objects. It is also possible to insert a computer mouse for a precise positioning and clicking of individual objects. Several different settings can be tailored to your liking, while the integrated mesh viewer makes it easy to navigate through objects and scenes.
Create, edit and render 3D objects
Generate a high-quality preview
Manage a large variety of settings

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KEYMACRO has a significant number of macros that create shortcuts to make your work much easier. This is a cross-platform solution that supports all major Windows and Mac operating systems. KeyMacro is the ultimate program for generating customizable key combinations. It gives you the power to create your own complex key sequences from one or more simple keys. The program’s macro options and system knowledge allow you to create repetitive tasks with ease.
Macro Features:
* KeyMacro can control the program through your mouse, keyboard, or other input device.
* You can customize the keyboard shortcuts that you want to use and the order in which they appear.
* KeyMacro can also “play” a sequence of macros at the same time, which is useful when you are learning to master a new program.
* You can save macros in a.mcm file, and then add more macros to that file, or you can use an.ini file.
* You can write your own actions, and then save them for use later.
* You can view existing and new actions at any time and edit them as you wish.
* You can have an unlimited number of actions and macros.
* You can create macros to perform functions such as opening files, saving files, copying files, moving files, renaming files, printing files, or closing windows.
* You can link macros together in a chain, for example, to move a file from one folder to another.
* You can save a macro into your key or mouse macro files.
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* You can apply actions to files by extension, for example, *.doc, *.xls, *.jpg, and so on.
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* You can use KeyMacro to create shortcut files for any file type.
* You can run macros directly from a shortcut file.
* You can view all your macro files at any time.
* You can create and run macros directly from a keyboard shortcut file.
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