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The present invention relates to an image processing apparatus, an image processing method, and a storage medium.
2. Related Art
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In the current version, after a core selection, a given macro command or macro can be selected from a limited set of keywords.
After selecting a keyword, the macro will search for a matching
skeleton in all available databases. The skeleton is the first
line of the macro and is usually the name of a graph.
This macro will try to find a corresponding macro in the matching
database. If such a macro is found, it will be pasted into the
macro editor with the appropriate macros used and appropriate
adjustments to the skeleton made.
The macro editor will be automatically updated with the skeleton
of the new macro to reflect the changes in the macro.
The user can now edit the macro further.
In the macro editor, by default, the macro will be inserted after
the last macro. If the user wants to insert the macro into another
point in the skeleton or in the macro editor, the user can select
the macro in the macro editor and specify where it should be
inserted. The user can also edit the macro further.
Keymacro is a macro development tool that allows the user to write new macros for
Microsoft Word. The tool has the following features:
Keywords: The keywords are the name of the macro and the short form of the macro. For example,
the short form of the macro “countlinks” is “count”.
Recursive: This feature allows the macro to call itself recursively. The called macro is inserted
after the last macro in the macro.
Macro index: This feature creates a separate macro index file that provides information about the
macros. For example, macros “addlink”, “addnode”, “delete”, etc. can be accessed directly by
Macros developed by this software have the following syntax:
#define name
#include “include.macro.h”
#include “include.macro.h”
#include “macros.macro.h”
#include “macros.macro.h”
where name is the name of the macro (e.g., “countlinks”) and macros.macro.h is a file
that contains the declarations of the macro.
Macros can be inserted in the macro editor, by selecting a macro in the macro