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– Password Protection with Multiple Key Material, the program runs in this case with a 256 bit key material, and we assume that you are using AES-256 mode with at least 2 distinct keys.
– Choice of the initial nonce, which is a “keystream” that we call a “nonce”, that was generated for a given set of credentials.
– A key for per session use
NOTE: psCmd uses a different initialization nonce for every session.
The following is an example of using the program to get the executable “Unzip” to use a different set of credentials. We create a user name with the alternate credentials using the user command:
C:\> user
Password for user:
C:\> user
Password for user:
We can now run psCmd without password protection, using a simple command:
C:\> psCmd
To get the password protected file we use the following command:
C:\> psCmd -c sample.txt -c40000-1
WMAKE Usage:
Usage: psCmd [-y] [-c ] [-m | -mb ] [-n | -e ] [-p ] [-k ] [-r ] [-n1 | -c1 ] [-e2 ] [-p2 ] [-k2 ] [-r2 ] [-n3 | -c3 ] [-e4 ] [-p4 ] [-k4 ] [-r4 ] [-n5 | -c5 ] [-e6 ] [-p6 ] [-k6 ] [-r6 ] [-c7 ] [-e7 ] [-p7 ] [-k7 ] [-r7 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a software program for automated translation of text from or to another language based on a template of the original text and the target language. It uses the matching technique based on statistical analysis.
Keymacro provides an efficient way of using a large vocabulary database by processing many thousands of words in just a few seconds, with a minimal demand on the CPU. It translates text from English to Finnish and vice versa.
Downloading Keymacro:
Keymacro.exe can be downloaded from the software’s home page.
Installing Keymacro:
1. Double-click on the keymacro.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.
2. Select Yes or No depending on whether you wish to accept the EULA (End User License Agreement).
3. Keymacro is automatically installed in C:\program files (x86).
4. If prompted, the program is saved in C:\program files (x86)\Keymacro, and the program is updated.
5. Press OK to close the installation window.
6. Press OK to close the User Account Control window.
The software is not enabled by default.
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KEYMACRO Downloads:
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KEYMACRO Pro Version:
keymacro professional
Keymacro supports the following languages:
English and Finnish
Searching in the list of languages and the translation of the language into the currently selected language is performed by Keymacro.
Keymacro includes two language models:
1. Keymacro Original, which is not intended for public use, and only available to commercial customers, and
2. Keymacro Professional, which is accessible to all users and can be used for public, commercial or private purposes.

These two versions of the program allow a user to correct the existing language model before it