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The LJDNShow started in 2014 on BTR (Blog Talk Radio) and is still there although some of the shows have been removed.  During her showtime, Lina spoke to a variety of guests, some of them have moved up to big things.  The last check she was at 13,236 listeners which may not seem like a lot to you but for a small girl from Jersey, she is amazed and humbled. Her listeners range from the US where her biggest listeners are to Russia. 

Lina Jones talks about lots of things she likes to call “Stuff” and you can find her shows on a variety of different platforms, even on iHeart. Lately, she has been doing more interviews opening up and sharing the knowledge of her struggles as an African American female in the male-dominated entertainment industry.  She still does her episodes (she calls them specialty episodes)  just not on a weekly basis so check back every so often to catch them, or follow her on social media where she always does an SM blast about all her Podcasters shows. Below you will find an interview that was done in June with her new studio assistant Samantha Kelley. Her latest project The Social Health Work Show is slowly climbing in viewers the show is witty and humorous, check it out. 

Nowadays she is busy freelancing for video shoots and editing along with creating new productions for her Podcast, radio & YouTube stations. Helping others build their brand and so much more of this classic beauty.  Coming out of her shell you can expect to see more of her in the future.  If you would like to contact her email: ljdnetwork@gmail.com

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