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Web application that generates a Macros/PDF from any Windows or Linux terminal
without having to install Acrobat or other PDF readers.
The Keymacro application will generate a file with a.mac extension in
it’s current directory. You can create a.mac macro to run as a command line
program or click on the.mac and it will run that file. You can even click on
the.mac file to create your own macro.
To run a.mac file, double click on it to run it, or use the command line
Macro (Macro -mac ) command.
You can find the Keymacro application on the web site at or go to to download the current version.
You can read more about Keymacro at
Creates PDFs from any Windows or Linux terminal
Converts any text into PDFs in Mac OS or Windows
Checks and converts documents for multiple platforms
With PDFMate, you can convert your documents into PDFs in your
Documents folder. PDFMate is a command line application that will
convert any selected text into PDFs and send them to your
Documents folder. It is very easy to use and can be used from any
Linux or Windows terminal (including MSDOS) without the need for
Adobe Acrobat.
PDFMate can read and extract text from many types of documents.
PDFMate reads text directly from a variety of files including PDF
documents, Microsoft Word documents, MS-DOS text files, HTML
documents, plain text documents, and TEX files.
PDFMate can convert text to PDFs.
PDFMate can even convert text to PDFs from a file or file
Converts Text into PDFs
PDFMate can convert any selected text into a PDF document.
PDFMate can also convert all the text into a PDF document.
Easy to use and GUI-like
PDFMate has a simple GUI interface with a lot of features and
options. PDFMate is very easy to use and requires no knowledge
of the command line to convert files.
Converts many types of files
PDFMate can convert a wide range of documents into PDFs.
PDFMate can convert documents, including images, and even
converts movies and music 84e02134c1

OlapCube Writer
Multi Clipboard
JPEG Saver
Eylean Tasks
Karma Player
Simple Pc Heal
Code Optimizer
Simply Good Pictures
Transparent Image Converter
Video Container Changer
Password Generator
Music Liberator
VHDL TestBench Tool
Wysiwyg Editor for MathML

The long awaited Internet Explorer 9 follows its predecessors with pride and brings various improvements in speed and engine. Its new looks, together with the newly introduced graphics and hardware acceleration makes the competition in the browser market more fierce than ever.
Clean interface
The interface has an extremely clean and cool look, offering users a considerably larger browsing space than Microsoft used to in previous versions. What pops out the most is the new frame, which is probably the slimmest one a browser has ever seen. Navigation is simplified and all the features are gathered in a few buttons.
Key features
The graphic capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 result in a smooth web browsing experience; websites are more responsive, the colors are true and high definition videos can be finally watched the way they were meant to be.
Tabs can be moved by drag-and-dropping, and if you move one to the edge of the screen, it will perfectly fit on half of it (similar to the Office tools). When a new tab is launched, you will be able to see thumbnails of the recently visited websites (similar to Chrome), reopen closed tabs, reopen the last session, or trigger Private browsing (launches an anonymous browsing session).
Pinned tabs and security tools
In addition, IE9 comes with HTML 5 support, a new JavaScript engine (i.e. Chakra), and the address bar is combined with the search toolbar. Windows 7 users get a special feature: websites can be pinned to the taskbar by simply dragging the URL.
Internet Explorer has also evolved in terms of security too. The SmartScreen filter protects you from malicious advertisements, social threats and suspicious e-banking operations. This feature also works with the new Download Manager, a section where downloaded files are kept and scanned for suspicious content.
An overall efficient web browser
All in all, we applaud Microsoft for Internet Explorer 9. Huge and marvelous improvements were made, resulting in a browser that can actually be considered competition.
Developer specifications:
OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2.26 GHz Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 130 GB HDD
Video Card: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM

Compatible with your computer

The best way to run a game is to just click on its download link and play it directly on your PC. However, if you want to get the game to download in a different format (like, you can use one of the download managers listed belowгµгїгѓг¤гѓгѓћгггѓ-mp3/