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The keymacro “Full Edition” is the highly flexible, fully functional and easy to use web analytics tool for site owner and webmaster. It can be used on a per site basis and track and track the business value. You can export or back up your data and at any time you can use your data for new sites or updated ones. You also have full site and campaign overview.
KeyMacro is the ultimate web analytics tool. Track and track, know and optimize, it provides the most accurate information on your websites. Easy to use. It is the keymacro with the best ROI.
KeyMacro has a lot of powerful features. It will let you to optimize campaigns and websites. It will let you to track and follow your visitors and convert them. It will give you complete insight in your website business value and ROI.
KeyMacro gives you all you need to know about your website in order to make the best decision for your website.
KeyMacro features:
■ Uses no server side scripting, it is easy to install and configure.
■ Easily integrates with your favorite CMS.
■ Uses Zend Framework for server side, so it has a flexible back end.
■ Easy to install and configure in minutes.
■ Can be used on a per site basis and track the business value.
■ Your data is secure and only you have the access key, you cannot have any contact with the customers or the system, your access key is just a unique alpha-numeric key.
■ A simple interface that is very easy to use.
■ Can easily export all your data to CSV or HTML
■ Integrated into the Akamai Channel Advisor application.
■ It is just a 30 days trial version of the Full edition, if you want to continue to use it after your evaluation period, you can use a license key.
You can use KeyMacro to:
■ Track your web visitors in a range of ways such as IPs and custom variables.
■ Track the behavior of your visitors and view click and bounce maps.
■ Optimize your Google Adwords campaigns.
■ View detailed information about your website visitors.
■ Learn how many visitors your website receives and if you need to expand your server capacity.
■ Collect and track online forms, survey, and registration 384a16bd22

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Create a new SFV hash table and run a CRC32 checksum of all the SFV files in a given directory. Win-SFV32 will also create a separate file containing the checksums of the individual files

This is a port of C# 2.0 SMTP server example to C# 1.0. It is based on the work of Hans Leidekker, who released the original code under the BSD license. This modified version may not be compatible with the original. This version runs on.NET 1.0. (c) 2007 by Code Project. The author has no affiliation with Code Project.

Norman is an object-oriented version of the GNU Ncurses program. In fact, it aims to be a true ncurses replacement. This means that it is not at all a merely a clone, and that you can expect to be able to use it instead of ncurses for nearly any purpose. Norman can be considered to be something like Microsoft’s Win32 GUI-manipulating functions for the MS-DOS operating system.
You should read the documentation before using this software.

Efficient JKD4PCA:

Efficient JKD4PCA is a Java program that implements the Efficient JKD4PCA algorithm, a parallel algorithm for JKD (Jain-Karp-Das-Rao) that is an efficient approximation of the conventional JKD.
The algorithm provides approximated nearest neighbors for a large number of points without preprocessing data (as opposed to k-D trees, which requires the data to be already preprocessed).

MOTIF is a software tool for generating animated GIF images from an animated.GIF file or a movie file in the.gif format. The resultant animated GIF file can be displayed using many different tools. MOTIF has a number of features not found in existing commercial animated GIF picture creating tools:

Ability to reverse and duplicate frames
Ability to define an animation speed to help you, for example, when you want to see the movie back in forward
A new feature to view frames one by one
Ability to view frame in full screen mode
Ability to resize GIF image by controlling the size of picture element
Ability to resize GIF image by controlling the size of frame element

Glyph is a tool to generate many kinds of vector graphics on any operating system using the W3C GVI (Web-based Graphics) format