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In the world of security, convenience, and personal privacy, Tutanota is a very helpful service that is easier to access than most. It’s designed with your data safety in mind, and as a very basic solution for email, it offers all the essentials, like password protection, archive, mark as spam, and an encrypted conversations.
Tutanota is the end-to-end encrypted alternative to Gmail. You will be able to send and receive encrypted emails and to easily manage your contact lists, calendar, and other folders. What makes the service such a great choice is that it is lightweight, accessible, and is very simple to use. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Google Chrome and supports mobile devices.


Due to certain emails being marked as spam, I use a few filters on my Gmail account. I used to use more than one email address, but recently, I’ve had them all expire and now I only use two:


How to deal with a non-obvious bonus challenge that could have a negative impact on a player?

I am the DM for a 4th edition game of D&D and I am trying to deal with a player in my game who refuses to accept an offer from the party to join and instead feels she deserves more as a reward for her previous help. We have a problem, however, because she is the most powerful player in the party (in terms of combat) and I am trying to balance between reward and player choice, and she has decided that she will work as a mercenary and get the best weapon in the game to fight alongside the other mercenary players. How do I deal with this, so that the players understand that I am not allowing for this, and so that they do not feel like I am punishing them for “getting special treatment”? I don’t want to just outright deny her the weapon, because she has been instrumental in helping the party advance in this campaign.


Remind the players that their character backgrounds and previous actions have value to the story.
She sounds like she knows about weapon skills, but is choosing to ignore them because the weapon’s cost might be high enough to negatively impact her current character (sounds like the right thing to do to me). She might have thought, “Oh, the weapon’s great, but what if I level up and use my skill to bring down the cost?” or “That weapon eea19f52d2

SysRun creates a Windows service which launches a command at startup or whenever a program requests to run as SYSTEM.
Basically, whenever an application tries to run as SYSTEM SysRun will intercept the request, run the process with SYSTEM permissions (or SYSTEM account) and pass the control to the application.
SysRun is not a virus scanner. It does not scan files or disks. It is only designed to run a program or service as SYSTEM.
SysRun has limited features:
Only when the program tries to run as SYSTEM, SysRun will act.
The control of SysRun is open on a host-to-host basis, and you have to start/stop the service on the host that is running it.
It is not possible to run a program or service as SYSTEM from an USB flash disk.
You can however use a USB flash disk with SysRun on a system that does not allow access to the command line, but not on a system that uses Terminal Services.
SysRun Limitations:
SysRun is not a virus scanner. It does not scan files or disks. It is only designed to run a program or service as SYSTEM.
You can use the Service Control Manager to start/stop SysRun. The services are a Windows Service type that is a lightweight alternative to a Windows application.
SysRun Features:
SysRun works in a host-to-host manner. You have to start/stop the service on the host that is running it.
You can configure and change the response to different action by editing the SysRun Configuration XML.
When starting/stopping the service you will be asked for the name of the service. You can use the list of all currently running services to choose the service you want to start/stop.
SysRun does not show the service in the Services list or the Services in Control Panel.
It can be started and stopped as a Windows Service. When stopping the service the process will be terminated. You have to restart the computer after removing the Windows Service.
SysRun adds the service to the Services in Control Panel.
The configuration is stored in a XML file in the %SYSRUN%\SysRun.ini folder.
SysRun will intercept any program that requests to run as SYSTEM. It is not necessary to use SysRun to run a program as SYSTEM, but only if you want to run a program as SYSTEM while logged into a machine using Terminal Services.

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