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You are going to love this tool if you want to edit Xml format files, this is the tool of your choice. You can edit an xml format file to change its content, add or remove elements. Rinzo is a tool designed to open, read and edit Microsoft Word documents and its associated files, using any kind of font. Rinzo is able to open and edit Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003 and Word 2007 formats. The software has been tested with the program installed on the Windows operating system, however it does not work on Vista or on systems running other versions of Windows. Rinzo is also able to open and edit MS Excel 2000 and Excel 2003 files.
Worth knowing: This is a free tool that will open files created by the “.DOC” and “.DOCX” extensions. The tool also allows you to edit XML files, among others, to change their content, add or remove elements.
Rinzo XML Editor Screenshot:

Rinzo XML Editor Free License:
Rinzo XML Editor is free for use and installation in personal or home computers. The author of this application does not claim nor require any kind of payment for using the software. The designer of the program is not responsible for any damage that may arise from the use of the program.
Rinzo XML Editor Support:
We have created this tool to make users able to easily edit their files using Word and Excel programs and as you can see, it works in an excellent manner. The application is free to use and install, is easy to use and its interface is user-friendly.
Rinzo XML Editor Customer Reviews:
We have received many positive reviews for this software, mostly by users who work with Microsoft Office files and they are pleased with this tool.
Rinzo XML Editor Technical Support:
Although Rinzo XML Editor is a free application, its designer is ready to help users who may encounter problems while using this tool.
Rinzo XML Editor Free Trial:
We strongly advise users who intend to give Rinzo XML Editor a try to try it out first for free.

One-touch LED bulb Finder is an Android app developed to help you find your missing lights when you’re home.
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​Auto Level/Gain: ​Automatically adjusts input level and ​adjusts ​compressor response. For more detailed information, ​see the “Auto Level” section.
​(Real time or ​Auto Update: ​Automatically ​updates ​the compressor’s output level ​on all ​tracks​ simultaneously.)
​1. *PREAMP*
​​Exponential compressor or ​1:1 ​compression.
​​Saturation ​boost. ​(Cutoff ​boost: ​​high ​boost/cutoff ​ratio).​
​​Loudness ​compression.
​4. *SCHOOL (with RMS​ analysis): ​Compressor controls ​the strength of ​an equal ​number ​of ​compression ​coefficients ​for each frequency. The more you push ​these ​buttons, ​the more extreme ​the compression ​becomes.
​5. *DELAY*: ​Delays ​the ​compressor ​output ​in time. ​This ​is ​useful ​to ​sustain or ​fill ​the ​emotive ​expression ​of ​a ​drum ​pattern ​before ​compressing it to ​smooth ​the ​finish. ​
6. *PREAMP*: ​Combining ​two ​sets ​of ​compression coefficients ​in ​the ​transition ​from ​the ​compressor ​to ​the output. ​More preamp ​boosts ​boost ​more ​compression. ​
7. *VOLUME*: Volume ​control. ​
​​Loudness ​compression ​in a ​specific ​frequency band. ​
​​Hard to explain. It is ​like ​an auto level. ​
10. *DELAY*
​​Compression ​delay.
11. *SPEED*
​​Degree of ​coarse ​and ​fine ​detailed ​compression ​
​​Automatically ​slows ​compression as ​it ​hits ​a ​high frequency ​limiting the ​compression to ​lower ​frequencies. ​