The Mouse Movements and Clicks Software is developed with a simple interface so that you can record mouse movements and clicks on Windows and Mac OS X platforms. The software has simple settings, it can automatically record your mouse movements and clicks and export the data in the CSV format. KEYMACRO has high-speed, high-quality recording modes and can record mouse movements and clicks for a long time. It also includes different audio recording modes for professional quality.
Mouse Movements and Clicks Software makes it easy to record and store your mouse movements and clicks in a data file. No additional software needed, everything is very easy to use.

Windows 8.1 Task Manager

Task Manager is a tool that allows you to manage running processes and memory usage on your PC. Task Manager offers detailed information about current applications. Besides that, you can configure almost all options of the Windows Explorer (and even get a thumbnail view of files), search the process tree, see which programs are using the most memory and control programs via Windows shortcuts.

Key features:

Process view for currently running processes

Performance tab for tuning resources and settings

QuickView for launching programs from the context menu (Windows 8)

Performance info for tuning programs

Note: Windows 8.1 includes a new Task Manager, called Task Manager, that offers extra functionalities and more options (see Windows 8.1 Task Manager for more details).

Avira Antivirus Protection – Free!

A free antivirus solution for your mobile device from Avira!
The free Antivirus Protection for Android combines various protection features of the Avira AntiVirus and the Avira Mobile Security product.

The Avira Antivirus Protection for Android is tailored to the protection of Android smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The following protection components are offered by the free Antivirus Protection:
* Real-time malware protection against malware and other suspicious programs, as well as code removal after detection.
* Browser protection from websites offering malicious content and security risks.
* Monitoring of critical system resources in order to protect your device against unauthorized access.
* Integration of the SMS-based helpdesk.

If you want to know more about our products and mobile security, please visit the following pages:

F-Secure Anti- 384a16bd22

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With the KEYMACRO utility, you will be able to save your passwords into your clipboard. The program does not store the information, it just saves the information that you copy into the clipboard. You can paste that data into a standard text editor to save or paste them into other programs. The program will be displayed an automatic access key, which will allow you to easily access to that information you want to save in the clipboard.


Easy for use: very simple and intuitive, the layout was clearly designed for the people that do not have technical experience.
The program is divided into two sections: the first section allows you to configure the entire system and the second section allows you to access to the passwords that you have in your clipboard.
For information about the tool, you can access its website where you can find information about the new version as well as updates and news about the company that developed the program.


Below I include the images of the screen that is displayed when you open the KEYMACRO application.“I have been taught to believe that the Holy Spirit lives in my heart and is my companion.” – Pope Francis

In the moment of deep stillness and divine silence of an evening prayer, we can hear the Holy Spirit speak to us. The moment is one of humility and of trust in the Holy Spirit. We sense Him teaching us, offering His counsel, and pressing us to prayer. As we enter into the life of prayer, His presence becomes more manifest, and we learn to recognize Him.

We can learn much about the Holy Spirit from the life of St. Ignatius of Antioch, the first Pope of the Catholic Church. His life is the best example of the Holy Spirit’s work. St. Ignatius had been blessed with extraordinary gifts of both natural and supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. And yet, it was only after he received the gift of “that perfect love which is charity” that he developed the ability to speak out to the world about the One whom he had so much seen with his own eyes, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

The effect of the Holy Spirit on Ignatius was a life of joy. He wanted to share all that he had experienced. He found joy in speaking to the world about the love of God. He was completely devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and was committed to making him known to all people.

His life