MetaClip is a small software application whose purpose is to help you store and make use of multiple clipboard entries. It works with text messages, URLs, photos, formatted text records, and other types of clipboard items. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there.

Interacting with the GUI
You are welcomed by a minimalist design that has to offer only a few configuration settings. A help manual is not included in the package so you need to experiment a little bit with the dedicated parameters in order to understand how the tool works.
Save multiple clipboard items
MetaClip gives you the possibility to organize clipboard records into user-defined categories. Plus, you are allowed to assign custom names to each category so you can quickly differentiate between them.
In order to save a new clipboard entry in the database, you need to specify a user-defined name and pick a category. Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to quickly copy items back to the clipboard with ease, delete saved clipboard entries in case you no longer need them, export data to a file on your computer, and switch between different categories with ease thanks to a drop-down list.
Tests have pointed out that MetaClip carries out tasks quickly. It is quite friendly with system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
Final observations
To sum things up, MetaClip comes bundled with nothing more than basic features for helping you save multiple clipboard records. On the downside, there’s no support for advanced options so you cannot preview text content and images, perform searches to quickly identify an item in the list, assign hotkeys for faster actions, automatically monitor and save clipboard data, and play sound notifications when a new item is added to the clipboard, just to name a few suggestions.

Thank you for your reviews. We appreciate your feedback, and especially the positive ones, because without your feedback we couldn’t improve, and could not be considered “v1.0” software.
Why are you using the term “program”?
1. The application is called MetaClip
2. You can save multiple clipboard items
3. There is a database called “clipdb.metaclip.nl” with all saved data
There are many applications that use the term “program”, including Microsoft Office.
BTW, the manual you mention in point 4 can be found in the application itself.


As already mentioned by others, this is a wonderful program.
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Adebis Photo Sorter is the easy to use photo organizer for digital cameras and scanners that gives you more control over your photo collections. It helps you organize images in terms of events, people and places they were shot or scanned, and it lets you apply various filters and filters to get creative with your pictures.
With Adebis Photo Sorter you can
✔ Organize digital photos into photo collections to make them easier to handle and find.
✔ Apply advanced filters that let you add special effects to your pictures.
✔ Rearrange your photo collections using different sorting options.
✔ Create, rename, exclude or insert photos into the collections.
✔ Specify the source, destination and subfolder naming pattern.
✔ Restructure photo collections based on events, people and places they were shot or scanned.
✔ Add, remove and rename subfolders.
✔ Export photo collections in different formats.
✔ Print pictures as wallpapers or to paper.
✔ Extract images from video files to get their original size.
✔ Simulate the actual file renaming process to allow you to make adjustments before starting a collection restructuring.
✔ Import your pictures into Windows Photo Gallery, iPhoto or Aperture.
✔ Share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others.
✔ And much more.
What’s new in version
✔ Improvements in the Digital Photo Sorter – Update the layout and feel of the software with a fresh new user interface and add new features and options.
It will take you less time to organize your images with Photo Sorter
Find new and improved Photo Sorter features in every area:
✔ Automatically organize pictures shot in RAW format.
✔ Convert selected pictures from RAW to JPEG format.
✔ Import, organize, rename and remove folders from selected pictures.
✔ Extract images from video files.
✔ Zoom and crop pictures with the new Photo Viewer.
✔ Print pictures with Photo Print.
✔ Remove selected pictures from your system.
✔ Search for and rename multiple pictures.
✔ Import all pictures from selected folders into the program.
✔ Add and remove multiple pictures from selected folders.
What’s new in version
✔ Correction of the program crash on 64 bit systems
✔ Added a link to a