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Get the most out of the computers you already have by simply using the power of its RAM. Max RAM Optimizer is designed to automatically manage your RAM so that it will never run out of free space and never force you to increase the amount of physical memory.It shows a graph with every few seconds the amount of available RAM.

– You can adjust the program to help you find the optimal setting for you.
– You can schedule the process to be run automatically at startup
– You can send the application to the system tray when minimized
– You can choose the hotkey to launch the program
– You can add an option to show the report in the end

Max RAM Optimizer is free to try and free to use. You can purchase the full version of the program to remove the advertisements and the support.


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Asterousia is a genus of moth of the family Geometridae. The genus was described by Achille Guenée in 1854.

Asterousia caliginosa Hausmann, 1999
Asterousia canaria (Prout, 1935)
Asterousia clarema (Hampson, 1906)
Asterousia cnicostigma (Prout, 1932)
Asterousia crepuscularis (Walker, 1861)
Asterousia crenulata (Prout, 1922)
Asterousia cribata (Prout, 1932)
Asterousia culta (Walker, 1861)
Asterousia cyathophora (Hampson, 1906)
Asterousia delodes (Prout, 1935)
Asterousia doryphora (Prout, 1932)
Asterousia falcata (Hampson, 1906)
Asterousia franki (Prout, 1925)
Asterousia galli (Prout, 1932)
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As the most popular software to remove fisheye from videos, proDAD DeFishr allows users to take advantage of automatic fisheye removal capabilities, as the program comes with support for a wide range of camera profiles. Furthermore, proDAD DeFishr offers users the ability to edit profiles, so as to ensure that they deliver the best possible experience. proDAD DeFishr has a simple, intuitive interface, and it is very easy to use, offering users the opportunity to load their clips within a few mouse clicks. proDAD DeFishr is compatible with a wide range of cameras, as it can work with both SD and HD files. proDAD DeFishr offers users the ability to create new camera profiles, and it can calibrate videos using a grid, thus being able to detect the necessary camera settings. proDAD DeFishr can also modify lens settings, and it can correct existing clips. The software can be easily downloaded, provided that the website is available. proDAD DeFishr enables users to work on multiple video clips at the same time, and they can switch between them easily, as all of them are displayed in the tool’s right-side panel. proDAD DeFishr provides support for a wide range of camera types, but it is very limited when it comes to the number of formats it supports. proDAD DeFishr is a program that can remove fisheye, and it is highly recommended to users who want to correct the distortion in videos.

Image Filters is a well-known technique to enhance the pictures, give a more attractive and professional look to the photos. Image filters are also very easy to use and can be installed with a few clicks. All you need to do is to point out the pictures you want to make. It does all the job for you.

Screen shots are a cool and fantastic way to record what’s going on on your desktop, or to grab quick screen shots of the screen, for email, presentation, etc. Simple Screen shot captures are free, but if you are looking for more features you can buy the paid version. It supports automatic screen shot capture as well as scheduled screen shots and screenshot rotation. Screen shots can be saved as picture or GIF image.

Image-to-Word is an image-to-text translator that lets you convert your images to high-quality text files. Using Image-to-Word, you can effortlessly create nice-