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Keedom is a program for Windows that allows you to synchronize several mobile phone contacts, messages, photos, apps, and music files. It also lets you back up the information on your phone to the PC.

Keedom Features:
– Synchronizes contacts, messages, photos, and apps.
– Allows you to import and backup contacts, messages, photos, and apps from the phone to the computer.
– Supports multiple phones.
– Supports music files.

Keedom Installation:
– Install the application to your mobile phone.
– Install the application to your computer.
– Go to the Keedom settings page.

Keedom Supports Android and iOS Mobile Phones.
How to Update to the Latest Version of Keedom?
– Open the installed Keedom application.
– Click on the “Update” button.
– Wait for the update to finish.

Keedom User Guide:

Keedom User Guide for Android

Keedom User Guide for iOS

Keedom Support:

If you have questions about Keedom contact us.
If you have other questions about the app that we have not yet answered, feel free to post them below.
If you would like to see a new feature in an app, please contact the developers directly via the appropriate link on the Play Store page.Q:

How to use QSqlTableModel?

I’ve been looking into QSqlTableModel, and it seems like a very useful class. But I’m having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around it.
I’m working on a C++/Qt4 program that is in the design stage. I want to create a view that takes the data in my database, and displays it in the form of a table. In my database, there are 10 fields, and I only want to display the first three. If there is a field that is missing in my database, I want to display it with a transparent label.
I figured out how to fill my model with data from the database, and it seems to work fine.
QSqlTableModel *model = new QSqlTableModel(this);

… // Populate data from database

model->setHeaderData(Qt::Horizontal, Qt eea19f52d2

Kill or Terminate processes in Windows.

Run CKill.bat
Choose “Install”
Click the “Finish” button

Press “Start” to restart the Windows.

Ckill.bat notepad.exe
Ckill.bat /user/sandbox/notepad.exe
Ckill.bat //notepad.exe

CKill Features:
*Kills processes and services easily from the command line.*
*Saves you from using an external tool like procmon.*
*Does not require administrative privileges.*
*Does not require GUI on your part.*
*Uninstaller to remove the tool.*

My only criticism is that I’d prefer the option of allowing the user to choose the process name for easier selection, but that may not be possible. I don’t know why it is not a part of the program that it would work just like the kill command in Windows.


This is a trivial idea: write a simple.bat file that kills the process named in the first argument.
for /F %a in (‘findstr /N “notepad” “%~1″‘) do net stop “%~a”

This is done once. You can configure your build script to run this as the last step, before a batch is created.

Higher-order structure of the RNA subunit of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
The ribosome is an eukaryotic protein synthesis apparatus. A complex of eight small ribosomal subunits and four large ribosomal subunits (eIF2-TNC, eIF3, and two larger subunits, the 43S and 48S) binds to the 5’ end of mRNA and initiates translation. Here, we report the solution structure of the nucleotide-binding domain of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (eIF3-NBD), one of the subunits of the complex. The N-terminal domain of eIF3-NBD consists of three subdomains, labeled S1, S2, and S3. The S2 subdomain is the RNA binding domain, and the NMR structures of S2 show higher-order structure of the N-termin