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Airfox is a reliable Internet browsing application which allows you to easily navigate the Web, visit your favorite pages, create bookmarks or manage downloads. The browser ensure a fast navigation, data security and a quick tool for clearing browsing data, such as website history or cache.
Simplistic interface, convenient browsing experience
Airfox offers you a quick and convenient Internet navigating experience thanks to its friendly interface and engine. Similarly to other powerful browsers, Airfox is built on the Gecko Engine, which ensures speed, privacy and security for the Web navigation.
The software offers several tools which facilitate the easy access to specific websites and quickly switching between pages. You may open several different tabs and access many websites at the same time, or browse back and forth between recently visited pages. Moreover, you can open a link in a new window and manage the functions from the side menu.
Additional functions
Aside from the convenient Internet browsing experience, Airfox also features an integrated email client, which allows you to receive messages from various addresses. You need to setup the client by specifying the email service and account you are using. Moreover, Airfox includes a HTML editor, which offers a wide variety of text editing tools and a preview tab.
Managing preferences
Airfox allows you to create bookmarks in a simple manner: you need to open the bookmark managing center, then add the current tab to the list or remove the selected link. Similarly, you can easily erase the browsing history and cache with a single mouse click, on the designated button.
You may customize the functions of Airfox by modifying them from the Settings menu. However, this section is reserved for advanced users, which is why the program displays a warning before directing you to the settings menu. In other words you may only change advanced settings, an action which can affect the stability, security or performance of the browser.
Reliable browser in the development phase
Airfox is a powerful browser, which can easily and properly display even those pages that are rich in Flash content, videos and multimedia elements. However, you might encounter difficulties when downloading items, especially when using the integrated download manager. Also, it does not support opening links in new windows/tabs: you need to open the tab, then paste the link.

Airtel said its new service, Live Phone, will cost Rs 497 in Delhi and Rs 447 in Mumbai. Airtel has said a new service, Live Phone, will cost Rs 497 in Delhi and Rs 447 in Mumbai eea19f52d2


NMath Mono Math-Library is a math library for the.NET Framework which is completely asynchronous, thread safe, open source and uses the Compact Framework 3.5 or Mono 2.0 or later (32-bit).The invention relates to an ignition-gap measuring device for use in a direct-injection internal combustion engine.
An ignition-gap measuring device of this type is used for monitoring the ignition-gap of a direct-injection internal combustion engine. The direct-injection internal combustion engine includes a combustion chamber which has a depression for collecting fuel and a plurality of injector holes for conducting fuel into the combustion chamber. The injectors are disposed within the depression in the combustion chamber, and each injector has an inlet portion for introducing fuel from the depression and a discharge portion for introducing the fuel into the combustion chamber.
It is a common practice to introduce a measured fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber in order to form a homogeneous mixture for the combustion. In order to produce a homogeneous mixture, the discharge portion of each injector is controlled so that the fuel discharged from each injector passes through the wall of the combustion chamber. The wall of the combustion chamber has a tendency to be unevenly thick. Thus, a given portion of the wall of the combustion chamber may not be sufficiently thick to allow the fuel to pass therethrough. In other words, there is a risk of fuel stratification in the combustion chamber. A fuel stratification means that a portion of the wall of the combustion chamber is so thin that the fuel discharged from each injector does not reach the wall. As a result, the fuel-air mixture may become inhomogeneous. In this situation, the overall output of the engine is reduced, and the fuel consumption rate is increased.
To avoid this problem, it is desirable to form the combustion chamber so as to have a certain thickness. However, it is difficult to obtain a homogeneous mixture because the injection points of the injectors are limited to a specified space, e.g., the depression of the combustion chamber. As a result, the volume of the combustion chamber is limited. If the volume of the combustion chamber is insufficient, then the distribution of the fuel is insufficient. In this situation, the homogeneous mixture cannot be produced. Thus, it is impossible to obtain a satisfactory engine output.Tags

Woodworth, born in 1859 in Hanover County, Virginia, was the son of a Presbyterian minister and received his undergraduate education at the College


business plan for new product launch template

Network Diagnostic Tool is a free and efficient networking tool that helps you troubleshoot and solve network problems by conducting a number of tests to identify and fix the main causes of connectivity issues.
The program identifies the problems affecting your network by performing a series of tests, which include the following:
– IP Address Resolution
– IP Address Obtainibility
– Winsock
– Firewall
– DHCP Configuration
– Network Information Obtainibility
– Internet Connection Validation
– PPP/SLIP Configuration
– Dial-Up Obtainibility
– Remote Connection
– PC Lock
– TCP/IP Configuration
– Network Error Reporting
– Connection Losses
– ISP Troubleshooting
Installation Size: 300 KB License: Free

Symantec NetBackup delivers a broad spectrum of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Users can maintain complete site continuity and business-essential data by setting up backup and recovery processes, creating snapshots, and protecting corporate desktops. Its universal architecture enables users to connect to backup and recovery solutions from any operating system and any computing device, regardless of the make, model, or OS version.

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows administrators to connect to a remote computer and manage applications, operating systems, and desktops using a client running on a remote computer. Remote desktop connections are initiated through the Microsoft Remote Desktop client, which can be installed on a Windows system or a Mac system.

Remote PC Management 4.5 is an indispensable tool for managing computers and networks on which you don’t have immediate access. It is a Windows based tool that allows you to access and control computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or 2003 R2, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows NT 5.1 from any networked location. It is an essential tool for IT support, service providers, network managers, and mobile workers to perform remote management of PCs, servers, printers and other devices over the network.

System Backup is designed to help you quickly and easily create and restore complete backups of your PC, complete disks, partitions, files, and settings without having to worry about any cumbersome details. With System Backup, you can create backups of a local system, hard disk, partition, partition table, or logical volumes.

Make Use Of a Remote Computer Manager

A Remote Computer Manager gives you a full remote control to manage any computer in the network. With this software, you can install and uninstall software, change the background image, and change 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a macro recorder and sequencer for the Roland keyboards. It’s very easy to use and features powerful tools. As a bonus, it is free of charge! You can easily create, store and play your customised macros.
KeyMacro has a very simple interface. You just press the record button to start recording and the play button to play back. You can use the buttons and tools located in the lower part of the interface to control and edit your macro.
Once you are finished, just click the save button to store the macro. It’s that simple!
If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, click the filter button to change the recording speed or the record mode.
A very powerful editing tool lets you manipulate the recorded macro in several ways. You can cut any part of the macro by simply highlighting it and pressing the cut button. You can copy a section by simply highlighting the region you want to use and pressing the copy button. You can paste a section by simply highlighting the region you want to use and pressing the paste button. You can split a macro into several parts by simply highlighting the sections you want to use. You can merge parts by simply highlighting the regions you want to use, and pressing the merge button. You can rearrange the sections by simply highlighting the sections you want to move and pressing the move button.
If you’re in editing mode, you can undo your changes, or you can simply start over by simply clicking the redo button. You can make your macro play a certain number of times by simply clicking the repeat button. You can make your macro stop playing by simply clicking the stop button. You can make your macro repeat after a number of seconds by simply clicking the repeat after button. You can store a macro as a new file by simply clicking the save as button. You can open a file containing a macro by simply clicking the macro icon.
Technical details:
KeyMacro is a simple macro recorder and sequencer for the Roland keyboards. It supports three modes, depending on your needs:
• Record only: Record a sequence of keystrokes using the keyboard’s onscreen piano keyboard. You can store up to three macros. You can control and edit your macros, store them as new files, etc.
• Record and playback: Record a sequence of keystrokes using the keyboard’s onscreen piano keyboard. Then, after finishing recording, you can playback the macro using the keyboard’s onscreen piano keyboard. You can also store


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* Fully Delete Media, Partition, Disk, File, and Folder with the up to 18 secure deletion protocols. * Shred Files and Folders at will, Kill Processes, Empty Junk Files, Empty Recycle Bin, Securely Erase & Destroy USB Drives, and More
* **Delete File** in Windows **XP**, Windows **7**, Windows **Vista**, Windows **8**, Mac OS X and Linux. * iShredder 7 completely shreds files, it is proven to be the fastest and most reliable data shredder app for secure file erasure and permanent file deletion available on Google Play Store * iShredder 7 supports up to 18 secure deletion protocols. * iShredder 7 supports USB, SD card, and Disk formats, when used in combination with USB and SD Security. * For hard drives (including SSD), Windows internal hard drive, external hard drive and flash drive, iShredder 7 supports up to 7 different secure deletion protocols for maximum security. * iShredder 7 supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS platforms. * The file eraser supports ZIP files for easier file shredding. * Can shred files, folders, USB, SD card, disk, or partitions. * Deletes files and folders, shreds files, makes memory devices and formatted disks and partitions completely unrecoverable, makes Windows internal hard drive, external hard drive and flash drive unrecoverable * Deletes sensitive documents, private photos, sensitive records, chat logs, passwords, cookies, registration information, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc,… * Make files, folders, USB, SD card, disk or partitions or Windows internal hard drive, external hard drive and flash drive unrecoverable.
**Note**: You have to install an anti-theft recovery method. For example, iShredder 7, any ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app, or other ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app.
**Note**: You have to install an anti-theft recovery method. For example, iShredder 7, any ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app, or other ‘Anti Theft Recovery’ app.
Additional features:
* Protect your devices with 2 level password protection and a PIN lock code to make data unrecoverable
* Securely erase USB drive, SD card, disk, partition, files, folders and registry key in one click
* Can shred files and folders in all Windows OS platforms
* Optional Password protection, 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a very easy-to-use command line tool that can record the keystrokes as well as mouse movements into a macro file.

PulpDrive is a universal Windows application that allows you to remotely access an Internet connected computer and control it via the clipboard.
The application supports all major internet browsers and requires no additional software.
Using the PulpDrive app, you can launch a browser and then browse to any website that supports clipboards.
Once the website has loaded, you can control all major web browser functions including copy, paste, download, print, close, and focus.
Once you have finished using the remote browser, you can copy the entire clipboard content into the local clipboard where you can paste it back into the website.
PulpDrive also allows you to download or upload files from the remote computer or connect to a FTP server.
You can use your own FTP server or just start a free FTP server on your own computer.
The PulpDrive app supports most common FTP services including:
Microsoft IIS Web Server
FTP 4.5
FTP Secure
Fast File Transfer
Dr. Web
PulpDrive can use both the HTTP and FTP protocols to connect to remote computers.
You can choose between TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, or XFire for the connection type.
PulpDrive uses the HTTP and FTP protocol by default.
If you are connecting to an FTP server, PulpDrive will show you the FTP protocol info in the main window.
On the other side, you can use the clipboard or the clipboard history for making copies or downloads.
PulpDrive supports the following system clipboard history:
The app is very stable and has a nice interface.



Easy-to-use image manager for the Mac. Drag and drop images to organize your pictures into folders and view thumbnails, set images as wallpapers, capture images with an adjustable rectangle on screen, view EXIF data, make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, convert and resample, create slideshows, and much more.

GIF Encoder Lite Description:

GIF Encoder Lite converts any type of picture file or audio file to GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP format. It lets you specify all the compression and the time for which the GIFs will be kept, as well as customize the quality and the gamma color scale. The program lets you add special watermarks and use a given background to any GIF image, and it can convert multiple files at once.

Graphic Converter Description:

Graphic Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that lets you convert, resize, merge, combine and cut multiple files at once. It supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PDF, PSD, TGA, TIFF, EMF, WMF and PSD formats, and it allows you to batch process up to 100 files at once. It is possible to create thumbnails and apply a text watermark.

iPhoto Description:

iPhoto is a cross-platform picture organizer for the Mac and the iOS platform. Drag and drop images to organize your pictures into folders, view thumbnails, adjust images with layers and adjustable objects, capture pictures with an adjustable rectangle on screen, convert and compress video, view EXIF data, and more. The application has an intuitive layout and many features that make it easy to manage your multimedia files.

iTunes Store Description:

iTunes is an application that helps you manage your music and movie collection and to play them on the Mac or on mobile devices. Drag and drop songs, albums, movies and TV shows to browse, organize, preview and listen to them. It is possible to preview the details of your songs, buy and download them, make and edit playlists, check ratings and play count, and purchase them from the iTunes Store.

Image View Description:

Image View is a tool that lets you manage and view your pictures in the Mac. Drag and drop images to organize your pictures into folders, view thumbnails, adjust images with layers and adjustable objects, convert and compress video, view EXIF data 384a16bd22

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* FTP Guard is a client application for remote monitoring of FTP servers. It performs automated and manual monitoring of the content of a selected remote directory tree and the status of the server. Know your FTP status anytime using FTP Guard.
System requirements:
FTP Guard requires a modern web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher or Mozilla Firefox. It also requires JavaScript to be enabled in the browser.
FTP Guard allows the user to create a local or remote directory and view a list of all of the files on the FTP server and any file attributes including file permissions. It also allows the user to view the files and their attributes, including the size, the creation and last modification dates, the last access date and the file type.
Also, the user can download and upload files, copy files, move files, and change the file attributes. These actions are performed by the user by using the toolbar buttons in FTP Guard.

The ZIP, a portable file compression and decompression utility, is a powerful, feature-rich tool. Its main use is compression of data, for instance files and archives, but it also allows users to encrypt and decrypt files. The following sections describe the key features of this utility.

I have found a malware, “Norton 360” on a PC here at work and was able to get into the malware’s folder where it created a folder “Norton 360” with a file setup.exe. Is there a way to delete this malicious folder? I do not know what the malware does, but it is not good.


There is no native Windows tool that can do this, you need to use a tool that can perform a system-wide search for items on a Windows system. Such a tool is called a scanner.
There are many scanners available that are capable of performing this sort of scan, I recommend you try a few to find one that meets your needs. Some of the more popular include:

F-Secure Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
ESET Smart Security
ESET Nod32
Citrix Endpoint Security
Citrix NetScreen
Microsoft Windows Defender


A short list of programs that can do what you want:

CCleaner Free
CCleaner Professional
CCleaner Home
AVG Cleanup



Use KeyMacro to control your desktop from an external keyboard or other input device.
You can set what keys of the keyboard you wish to use. For example, you can set the keys “c”, “v”, “b” and “f” as shortcuts for some commands, or you can use “h”, “j”, “k”, “l” to control the cursor position, or “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”, “9”, “0” to enter numbers. You can even map any keyboard key to a different command, provided that it does not conflict with another macro command.
In addition to macros, you can set the keyboard shortcuts directly. In this case, the commands for the keyboard you want to control will be activated when you hit a key with that command. This way, you can use the keyboard of your computer to navigate through files, launch applications or scripts, and much more.
In addition to keyboard shortcuts, you can assign keyboard shortcuts for other actions. For example, you can assign a shortcut for toggling the toggled state of the main menu.
Another example of a shortcut you can set is a shortcut for displaying the Mac’s Help screen.
Please note that you will have to use the graphical interface of KeyMacro for every possible keyboard that you want to control.

NewsHour LIVE brings you the very latest breaking news stories and interviews live from BBC World News. With our unique round-up of the day’s top stories, NewsHour LIVE can help you make sense of the stories you’ve seen in your life.
How it works:
You can watch any of the NewsHour LIVE streams live as they happen. When it comes to bringing you the stories you want to know, we have four main editions of the programme;
Europe – The main live stream from our London newsroom covering all the latest stories from across the continent.
USA – This edition provides the very latest US news and interviews live from our US Newsroom.
Asia – The main live stream from our Hong Kong newsroom covering all the latest stories from across Asia.
Africa – This edition brings you the latest news from across the continent.
You can enjoy NewsHour LIVE wherever you are, on whatever device you choose.
If you’re watching live you can get involved by making your comments on the stories as they are happening by tapping the “live” button at the bottom of the screen 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a virtual keyboard that can access and change your keyboard’s macro functionality, allowing you to quickly input special commands or text.
The program doesn’t require any previous installation and you can get started in a few clicks, with minimal configuration. For example, you can give it a custom name, layout, input, and output.
At the same time, you can configure how often you would like the keyboard to record macros, and set up keystroke-to-object, text-to-command, and object-to-command associations.
Another useful feature is the capability to assign keys to functions such as Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo, while also giving access to macros for the browser, file manager, calculator, and more.
Moreover, if your computer is stolen, you can remotely protect your data and prevent further access to your computer with special password. This lets you manage your keyboard using your account, or by setting up a “non-repudiable” encryption code, using a 4-digit password.
Evaluation and conclusion
KEYMACRO had no errors and the software utility worked without any glitches. The set-up wizard made it a cinch to create macros in seconds, and the utility ran quietly and was not too resource intensive.
Apart from the missing KeyShadow, which we described in our review of the similar software, our tests suggest that this is a robust keyboard manager with lots of useful features.
JCyberLink Description:
JCyberLink allows you to safely browse the Internet without worrying about viruses or spam. The program can be used to check, monitor, and manage various online accounts, including Facebook, Yahoo, and more.
What’s more, it is perfectly customizable, and you can specify which accounts to access, passwords, and URLs.
You can also enable or disable a wide variety of website features, such as pop-ups and shopping feeds, or create your own ones. Plus, the software can block specific websites, remove spyware and adware, and filter out certain webpages.
In order to protect your privacy, it is possible to block/report unwanted and malicious emails, as well as control incoming/outgoing messages.
Other features include file downloader, video downloader, and media converter, along with a content manager for Windows 7-style file names and self-made tags.
Finally, it is possible to use JCyberLink to get detailed information about your system, including hardware and software



Camera Monitoring

Motion Alerts
WebcamMD provides you with a number of alerts that will notify you to a situation in your webcam.
Image Detection

Sounds Alerts
WebcamMD provides you with a number of alerts that will notify you to a situation in your webcam.

Camera Watermark

Colour Changing Light

Auto Expose

Monitor Windows


Wake-up Scripts

Wake-up Messages

Note: Free version of WebcamMD will not give you an access to the mobile app.

We need to note that WebcamMD can record events to Logs in the Cloud (Azure).


– No More Spying –

Serotonin and thyrotrophin-releasing hormone (TRH) in neuroendocrine disorders.
In 5 neuroendocrine disorders it has been shown that 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT) content in the anterior pituitary, hypothalamus, median eminence and median raphe nucleus in the brain are all decreased and TRH content is increased in the median eminence. The significance of these findings and their relationship to neuroendocrine abnormalities in each of the disorders are discussed. It is suggested that the 5HT deficient pituitary may be hyperresponsive to TRH and that the TRH hypersecretion may be due to a loss of 5HT influence. It is suggested that the reduced 5HT content and increased TRH content may be associated with the altered behaviour in each disorder.List of Electoral Results for the Division of Paterson

This is a list of electoral results for the Division of Paterson in federal elections from the division’s creation in 1984 until the present.


Election results

Elections in 2010s

Elections in 2000s

Elections in 1990s

Elections in 1980s


Australian Electoral Commission. Federal Election results
Carr, Adam. Psephos

Category:Australian federal electoral results by divisionGorodyssekij takes charge of International Tiddlywinks Championship

July 24, 2019

The International Tiddlywinks Championship has begun with the participation of 23 registered teams from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who will compete for the title of “World Champion 2019”

The tournament has just started, but we’ve already seen many 384a16bd22

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* Service Stalker is a handy and reliable application designed to monitor user-selected services in order to verify if they’re still running.
* The application can also be set to send an email each time one of the services has been stopped or is in the process of being halted.
* This program also includes a software-alarm for each of the selected services.

Windows Uninstaller is a simple and easy-to-use application designed to uninstall software programs and remove entries from Windows Registry without the need to download any third-party applications.
Windows Uninstaller Description:
* Windows Uninstaller is a simple and easy-to-use application designed to uninstall software programs and remove entries from Windows Registry without the need to download any third-party applications.
* The application can remove software programs and entries from the Windows Registry automatically without user interference.
* It can also remove Internet Explorer plugins or replace browser homepage.

EaseUS PC Cleaner is a handy and reliable utility designed to clean, optimize, and speed up the PC. The program can delete unwanted temporary files, junk files, and unused applications to free up disk space and speed up PC performance.
EaseUS PC Cleaner Description:
* EaseUS PC Cleaner is a handy and reliable utility designed to clean, optimize, and speed up the PC. The program can delete unwanted temporary files, junk files, and unused applications to free up disk space and speed up PC performance.
* It can also speed up programs and registry entries.
* It is completely safe, simple, and easy to use.

Tired of running Windows services?
If you frequently check services running on your system, you may want to consider using the Reliable Windows Service Manager instead.
Reliable Windows Service Manager Description:
* Reliable Windows Service Manager is an easy to use service management tool for Windows.
* Reliable Windows Service Manager is extremely simple to use and safe to run.
* It will show you what programs are currently running in your system, as well as whether the services are running, stopped, or stopped and running.

EaseUS Anti-Virus is a reliable, easy-to-use, and free antivirus application designed to protect users from different types of viruses, spyware, adware, and other malware.
EaseUS Anti-Virus Description:
* EaseUS Anti-Virus is a reliable,


Dimensional Talent Streams

dts on ljdnpodcast radio
dts photo shoot
dts logo

806 Green Valley Road Ste #200
PMB 1077 Greensboro NC 27408

About My Podcast

The Dimensional Talent Streams podcast featuring Valerie Williams Dimensional Talent Streams is coming to it’s listening audience with a unique experience by providing coaching & business consulting with an inspirational & motivational appraoch.

Content will include guest speakers in the entrepreneurial arena that are
up & coming successful entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs & online marketers.

Topics such as: Why Multiple Incomes Streams is so important, 3 Optimizations in Business Wellness, Elements of Advertising, The Transformational & Mindset Shift and much much more will be discussed!

Come and Listen in and see why Dimensional Talent Streams applies to you!

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