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DO score = score + score;
SAVE score;
FOR counter in C:/TEMP/CricketProjectedScoreFinder.xls
DO score = score + score;
EndBody composition and physical performance in severe burned children.
Severe burn injury is a life-threatening trauma for children, resulting in altered body composition and fat-free mass. To explore the effects of severe burns on body composition and physical performance, we evaluated 26 severely burned children (median age = 5 years, range: 2-10 years) 6-14 months postburn injury. In this age group, the most prevalent burn types were scalding and flame injuries, resulting in estimated total body surface area (TBSA) burns > 30% and > 50%, respectively. The body composition of severely burned children was measured by DEXA (Densitometric X-ray Absorptiometry), and their physical performance was evaluated by a functional strength test. Overall, severely burned children showed a loss of body mass and fat mass, and significantly increased fat-free mass. Total and segmental muscle area (MSA) were not influenced by burn injury. The TBSA burn and the burn zone affected the physical performance of the children. A TBSA burn of > 60% correlated negatively with the performance in the functional strength test, whereas a TBSA burn of > 90% correlated positively with the muscle mass of the upper extremities. The estimation of the TBSA burn and the burn zone is important for the prediction of muscle mass, fat-free mass, and physical performance in burned children.Dear Power Outage Database Customer,

Attached you will find an excel document. The outage contained within is
a forced outage. Your daily delivery will still contain this outage.
Any questions please let me know. Thanks.

Greg Elliott
IIR, Inc.
713-783-5147 x 3481


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■ Auto-expand macro controls
■ Speed control for edit/convert, open/save/play/zoom/delete commands
■ Cut, copy, paste, select all, select to start/end, trim, select silence/noise, mute/unmute, select waveform, record/stop/start/stop, pause/unpause, fast/slow, step forward/back, etc.
■ Free audio converter, batch convert from one format to another format, CD to WAV, WAV to CD, MP3 to WAV, WAV/MP3 to WMA, etc.
■ Supports all sample rates, stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits.
■ CD extractor can digitally extract tracks from audio CDs to your hard drive for project use.
■ Audio editor supports the following file formats: PCM (WAV), MP3, OGG, CD Tracks (CDA).
■ Batch processing use the convenient batch processing feature to convert large numbers of files that have different formats, sample rates, and bit depths to one common format: CD to WAV, CD to MP3, CD to WMA, WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, WAV/MP3 to WMA, WMA to WAV/MP3, WAV/MP3 to OGG.
■ A sound card is required to run this software.Q:

maintaining a collection of objects

In the code below, I’ve made a contrived class called Employee. I’ve included a constructor which takes 3 parameters (string, int, int) which is a bit of a silly construct, but at least it exists. I want to use my Employee class, but I also want to maintain a collection of employees. However, I’d like to use a generic List to achieve that.
public class Employee
public string Name;
public int Age;
public int ID;

public Employee()
Name = “”;
Age = 0;
ID = -1;

I can create a list of employees like this:
List l


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Keymacro is a free utility designed to facilitate the customisation of keyboard shortcuts. The software enables you to build commands, triggered by keys, which can be used by any other applications and it will save you from many keystrokes.
It is able to work with any keyboard layout, including the UK, US, International and Dvorak, as well as any desktop and mobile devices.
What’s new in version 5.0:
– Works with USB keyboards (not compatible with USB multimedia keyboards)
– New interface with easier settings and language choices
– Improved handling of Russian and Chinese keyboards
– More languages included
– Better compatibility with Xiaomi devices
– Improved compatibility with OS X
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– Redesigned settings window
– New animations
– Many bugfixes and other changes
Supported Laptops:
– MacBook Pro (15″ Late 2011 or 2016)
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The natural environment is an important aspect of cities. Urban forests contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of city dwellers. This review summarizes research on how different elements of urban forestry may affect the dynamics of urbanization and urbanization-induced changes in cities. We draw from our own studies, literature and from the research perspectives of others. Land use changes and the diverse effects of urban forestry are shown to shape the physical and socio-economical structure of cities in the form of neighborhoods, settlements, regions, and nations. Urban forestry has manifold impacts on communities and neighborhoods in the form of the provision of key ecosystem services and other values. However, such ecological services and values are often widely neglected, as they are not directly visible and measurable. Therefore, we suggest to consider urban forestry, and its research, as an indicator for broader changes in the social, political, and economic life of cities.1. Technical Field
The present invention relates to an image processing apparatus, an image processing method, and a storage medium.
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A technique of determining a part that is a lesion on an image and causing the part to be removed from a given image is known. A technique of determining an outline of a given subject in a given image and determining whether a part of a human figure having a predetermined size is included in the outline is also known.
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In the current version, after a core selection, a given macro command or macro can be selected from a limited set of keywords.
After selecting a keyword, the macro will search for a matching
skeleton in all available databases. The skeleton is the first
line of the macro and is usually the name of a graph.
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database. If such a macro is found, it will be pasted into the
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adjustments to the skeleton made.
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#include “include.macro.h”
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Academic ethics is the field of study that examines how to conduct oneself while doing research and working in academia. This includes guidelines such as how to share your research with others, or what type of programs that universities or employers offer. Academic ethics is important because it helps researchers, academics, and employers know what is expected of them while working.
Web professionals will be very familiar with web forms that look like this:
This is an example of a simple web form that needs to be filled out.
You will see that the web form fields contain some text, and also small check boxes, as well as a submit button.
Now, let us say that you want to build a web app, and you need a way to fill web forms.
What happens when you build a website and forget to add any input fields on the main web form?
You will have wasted your time and money.
However, you can easily fix this problem, with iMacros Browser Plugin.
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So let’s just type in iMacros, and click on the Search button.
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This will make the default browser window pop up.
Now we can close the pop up window, and click on the OK button.
This will open the browser in the iMacros Software.
Now, we will close this window, and click on the Open button.
Now we have created the Internet Macros program, and we will start adding macros.
So in this Internet Macros Program, we have created the iMacros software.
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► Download and enjoy all videos and music from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud by seamlessly combining them into a single playlist, without needing an internet connection.
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• Download music and play back videos in any format from over 1,000,000 online sources
► Where to find Files for YouTube:
Google Play
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Roxio End-to-End 2014 Review
Roxio is offering a few of its products at a special price at Amazon.com. There is a pretty good deal on the Roxio End-to-End 2014 package. If you are looking to burn and/or rip your CD collection to a hard drive, DVD, Blu-ray, or thumb drive, this is one of the best deals on the market right now. If you purchase any of the components, you will get a free Roxio Blu-ray Burner, and all of the discs you burn are automatically converted to Blu-ray format. The software is also bundled with a couple of other Roxio products including Roxio Unpack 2014, and Roxio Scan.
Roxio End-to-End 2014
The Roxio End-to-End 2014 package provides users


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Keymacro is simple, modern and free keyboard macro software for Windows 7. You can easily record keystrokes on your keyboard and reuse them on any application.
Keymacro is freeware, but it has a demo version that allows you to record up to 5 macros. The standard license allows you to record unlimited macros for a lifetime.
Program features:
Auto binding. This feature automatically binds the last used keyboard key with an action.
Can add macros to hotkeys. You can create your own hotkeys to record macros.
You can also define keyboard shortcuts and assign a context to them.
You can assign shortcuts to file types.
You can assign shortcuts to the main menu.
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You can select a custom icon for a shortcut.
You can bind macros to the Windows Start menu.
You can bind shortcuts to the Windows menu.
You can bind shortcuts to the Windows taskbar.
You can assign icons to file types.
You can create macros to your desktop.
You can assign shortcuts to file types.
You can have unlimited hotkeys.
You can bind a key to a macro.
You can bind a key to a shortcut.
You can have unlimited hotkeys.
You can create a shortcut with a keyboard macro to an application.
You can set up a hotkey for creating keyboard shortcuts.
You can set up hotkeys for creating mouse macros.
You can set up hotkeys for opening applications.
You can set up hotkeys for opening applications.
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Cfont Pro for Mac is a font management tool that enables you to browse, sort and download fonts on your Mac. Main features:
-Search all fonts installed on Mac and sort by latest or top rated fonts
-Download any font
-Saving downloaded fonts to Mac
-Saving downloaded fonts to.afp format
-View character width
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-View trademark and copyright information
Cfont Pro is the best Mac font management application that helps you sort, view and download fonts right on your Mac.
The most powerful and intuitive way to browse, sort, download and view all your fonts on Mac.
* Browse all fonts installed on Mac by top rated and recent additions
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* View character width of the font
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* View font type
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* If you find any of the fonts listed in the software, and you don’t want to purchase them, please contact us, we will try to remove them from our database. You can send email to: support@keymacro.com
* To purchase your license key, please download and install KeyMACRO AppStore
* If you have any feedback or suggestion, please contact us: support@keymacro.com

Advanced Typography is a utility for Mac that gives you access to all the info about installed fonts on your Mac. Not only can it browse, sort and download fonts, but it also enables you to modify various properties of the fonts, such as character width, height and so on. You can even generate an image showing the exact appearance of a font at various sizes. If you can’t see the small print for a particular font, Advanced Typography will show you the size and orientation of all letters in the font and how they are displayed. With it, you can easily compare the font metrics of any given font to other fonts and decide if the given font is one you want to use in the future.
Advanced Typography provides information about all fonts installed on your Mac:
* Display the font metrics
* Show a glyph image of all the characters
* Generate a glyph image of the font for different font sizes
* Download any font to the Mac


Lina Jones -Just Me-

About My Podcast

I titled this Podcast “Sleeping with The Enemy”, a powerful name for a powerful problem majority or us women experience as trail blazers, being self-employed.

It’s not easy trying to hold down a family and work for your self at the same time. Sometime the negative energy can be horrifyingly  strong especially coming from those we love. Not having the support from your family and friends is one thing, but not having the support from your spouse or your partner is another.  You love them but they can be the biggest deterrent as to why your biz is not moving as fast or as smooth as it should. I offer some suggestions but most importantly, I try to open your eyes to take a look at what’s around you.   

If you would like to contact us so your story can be heard email: ljdnetwork@gmail.com

For newer episodes listen to the Podcast Player Mondays

Lina Jones

Comes with 5 videos or pics you can have them in any variety

Video Production Brand Building

Video Production

Ad Videos

Video Editing

Click here if you would like to see more of Lina’s LJDNetwork Productions  

Todays Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones

samanthea jones on ljdnpodcast

About My Sermons

Today’s Insights with Pastor Samanthea Jones” are Spirit filled Bible based messages that are relevant to this present time. These impactful messages will stir hearts and minds. The aim is to encourage believers to continue in the faith and compel unbelievers to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord”.

For recent episodes listen to the Podcast Player Sundays

Sermons Produced By Samanthea Jones

Mahogany Fawn Mobcast

mahogany III
cowboy fawn

* New Shows*

mahogany fawn mobcast
Motivation Monday “Interview with Ms. Taia L.C. Reid reigning Ms. North America”
Taia L.C. Reid reigning Ms. Virginia North America on LJDNPodcast Radio

About Me

Mahogany Fawn Mobcast is a Podcast is about real issues discussed by real people in real-time.  I have had conversations that were sexual in nature, how to mix cocktails conversations as it relates to my generation as it relates to being self-employed “ie” entrepreneurship. If you like bold conversations then you are going to love my mobcast. I can be heard Mondays thru Fridays each day with its own theme, hear me only on LJDNPodcast Radio, check the schedule for my show-times as they will vary.  Visit me online at Mahoganyfawn.com or  can contact me at: mahoganythefawn@gmail.com

Now Playing

Mahogany Fawn interview with brandon khalil on ljdnpodcast
It’s me again here with the ever enticing Brandon Khalil, Come and check out his episode as we speak about his musical journey and our view points on “Men being Men”. Find out all this and more right here on the Mahogany Fawn Mobcast!!! Xoxo Mahogany💋 
mahogany fawn interview with phurious styles on ljdnradio
It’s ya girl back in the building. Tonight’s guest is the ever so Talented Phurious Stiles!!!! Artist mentor and educator. Come see what this lyricist drops on the Mobcrew tonight right here on the Mahogany Fawn Mobcast! xoxo Mahogany 💋

mahogany fawn mobcast tut with author Dewayne Hinant on LJDNPodcast radio

Hey Yall Hey!!! We are at it again!!! As Black History month rolls out I thought that Domestic Violence would be the topic of today’s show. Come  with me and enter the world of Author C. Dewayne Hinnant as we discuss his new book “The Ripple Effect Lasting Affects of Domestic Violence” Come see how he breaks down Peter Pan annnddd Jody from Baby Boy!  Yea this was truly informative Right here only on Ljdnpocast.com!!!XoxoMahogany 💋









joy osho on ljdnpodcast radio

Hey Yall Hey!!! It’s our first FIRST 🔥FIRE🔥 FRIDAY🔥 of the new season!!! Put your hands in the air for our guest Joy Osho newest drop! Tune in to our interview where we are dropping gems for all new up and coming artists. Come see what 2 chocolate divas are up to only on LJDNpodcast.com and Mahoganyfawn.com 

mahogany fawn mobcast

Hey Yall Hey…. We are in the second edition  of the Mahogany fawn Mobcast! Tonight we are discussing ‘White Race & Black Love”.  Stereo types, children and culture see if we talk about the topics that come to your mind….. Xoxo Mahogany 💋

XBigXSense Not Here

Big Sense with Host Kimberly Riley

Now Playing

About My Podcast

“Sometimes sense ain’t so common”
Hashtag #makeitmakesense!!!
A vlog about spiritual healing for the mind, body, and soul. Dealing with real-life struggles helps you to overcome the old mindset. Walk into a new sense of consciousness that will lead you to a new journey.
Until then ..I cant wait to see you in your future.

info@kimbigsense.com        & Facebook business @BigSense.live

Podcast air day -Thursdays