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Remixlive is a versatile, affordable and very easy to use software, designed to become your creativity expression tool with a range of samples, instruments, effects and live performance features.
As it is a free and easy to use software, you can customize it in the way you want it and if you need a powerful free software solution for your next composition, you can use Remixlive to achieve your ideas!
Remixlive has four main features:
1) Load and load a folder with samples and audio clips
2) Remix, record and playback your sessions
3) Use special live performance modes with 4 Kontrols
4) Export to a WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC or AAC file
Included in the main menu you have a record button, a library that contains samples and audio files, a library that contains different effects and virtual instruments, a mixer, a solo button and a digital audio recorder, and its design is extremely intuitive.
And what’s most important is that you can import effects such as vocoder, phaser, flanger, delays, wah wah, compressor and reverbs among others. This way you can use them directly, use your own, or search the internet for more possibilities.
How to use Remixlive:
To load and load a folder of samples, select “Load Sample”, choose the file you want to load, and press the “Load” button.
As for the digital audio recorder, you can load and load a folder with audio files or record audio directly in the mixer.
To record your session, open the “Recorder” section, select the input and output format (AIFF, OGG, WAV or AAC) and click “Record”. The program will start recording and you can use your audio software such as Garage Band to edit your session.
To play back your session, open the “Mixer” section, and click “Playback”.
Regarding the mixer, you can add virtual instruments, effects and instruments, such as effects, filter, synth, sample, drum and pitch bending, all of them being inserted in each channel and with its three band EQ.
To add a virtual instrument or an effect, go to the “FX” section, select the effect you want to insert, drag and drop it in the channel’s grid and adjust the parameter using the knobs at the bottom. eea19f52d2

eyeMonitor is a simple software application whose sole purpose is to help you monitor your RAM and CPU usage in real time. The tool comes with support for multi-core monitoring capabilities. In order to make use of its features correctly, you need to have Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 installed on the target computer.
Portable running mode
You can store the program on USB flash drives or other portable devices so you can take it with you all the time. Plus, you may run it without having to apply administrative privileges. The tool can be opened straight from the storage device.
Gaining access to its interface can be done by running the executable file because you do not have to go through an installation process. Plus, you may uninstall it by deleting the file that you have downloaded from the Internet because it does not leave entries in your Windows registry.
Clean looks
eyeMonitor sports a straightforward design that allows you to decode the dedicated parameters in a short amount of time. A help manual is not included in the package. However, you can manage to get an idea about how the application works on your own without additional assistance.
Keep an eye on your RAM and CPU usage
The tool offers you the possibility to monitor your CPU and RAM usage in real time with the aid of two progress bars. The utility also shows the percentage values, displays the active and available RAM, as well as lets you monitor your LAN speed.
Tests have pointed out that eyeMonitor carries out a task quickly and without errors. It is quite friendly with system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered. You may keep it running in the background.
Final words
To sum things up, eyeMonitor comes bundled with several handy and straightforward features for helping you get details about the CPU and RAM usage, and check out the LAN speed.
eyeMonitor Screenshots:

eyeMonitor FAQs:

How is it possible to get a free trial of eyeMonitor?

To download eyeMonitor, you need to click on the “Download Now” button and then enter a valid activation code that you will be provided on your email. Then, you will be able to get a free trial for the tool. If you like it, you will need to purchase it for $19.97.

How can I cancel the trial version of eyeMonitor?

The trial version of eyeMonitor is going to expire within five days. You will be prompted to purchase the software. If you want to use it for