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Keeping a business up and running is a complex and time-consuming task that requires you to constantly keep in touch with affiliates, manage reports and more. Thanks to the advancement in technology, this is all done easier with the help of specialized computer applications like MLM Network Marketing Helper that let you organize your schedule a little better.
Simple, yet highly-intuitive interface
The application is dedicated to keeping track of business associates, with various editing tools in this regard. The design poses no accommodation problems whatsoever, with a well-organized interface split into two sections that display all contacts, as well as a detailed view of corresponding info.
Easily create a contacts database
You’ll spend most of your time filling up the contacts database, which is done through an intuitive window. It’s equipped with an abundance of requirement fields such as general contact details, address, affiliate info, the possibility to add an image, as well as several user defined fields for more details. Since it’s business-related, you can specify bank account and number, as well as type of affiliate and a sponsor, if necessary.
A powerful integrated search engine
If the database gets overwhelmed with contacts, individuals of interest are still easy to find. The implemented search engine is fully equipped with fields that thoroughly narrow down results if properly filled in. There’s no trigger button for the process, with results being displayed in real time as you type criteria.
Set reminders and issue reports
Furthermore, each individual can be included in reminders that can be automatically triggered. Doing so enables the application to perform several operations like sending emails in case you configure the dedicated client. Moreover, timing options enable you to make the task recurrent and program it at custom time intervals.
A large variety of report templates are put at your disposal, which can either be issued for an individual or the whole list of contacts. A preview displays the general layout with the possibility to get a larger preview or print on a sheet of paper. What’s more, besides areas you can target are several time configuration options to get ahold only of details of interest.
Keep track of your finances
Last but not least, the application can help you keep track of your overall budget, with dedicated tools for incomes and orders. Contacts can be used to fill in several forms you can use to justify expenses or incomes. Entries are enlisted in a table along with corresponding details, and a similar search engine is implemented for quick identification.
To end with
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DRAW-iT is a feature-rich and intuitive program designed to help you create beautiful and unique paintings, occasion banners, movie posters, and illustrations using only the standard drawing elements, along with tables, symbols, and pictures.
Outdated and cluttered interface
The offered layout is quite old yet accessible, with a large working area and a floating panel that stacks the drawing components. Right from the start, you can opt either for the banner or page size wizard, which guides you through several steps to properly set up the sheet.
Choose the design style between banner and poster
The banner comes with a few templates you can choose from, like sunrise, birthday or rainbow, while for the posters, it offers a few styles, such as certificate, scroll, fire, and different colors. The preview for each model can be viewed as well.
Insert shapes, text, pictures, and clipart
You have the option to enter geometrical shapes, such as rectangle, square, ellipse, star, as well as straight or curved lines. In addition, you can customize the background and content colors, and enter numerous text boxes, with a custom font, size, style, and alignment.
What’s more, the app lets you insert predefined clipart, templates, textures, images, and custom tables. The fill for every element can be either a texture or a color.
Alter the added images to best fit with the entire design
It’s possible to crop the pictures to the desired dimension, make them lighter or darker, adjust the contrast and color, as well as apply a few effects, like negative, grayscale, black and white or posterize. The output can be saved as an image (JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA) and as a drawing (DIT).
On an ending note
To sum it up, DRAW-iT is a reliable piece of software that comes in handy when you need to create birthday banners, movie or landscape posters, paintings, and illustrations using a broad range of editing and formatting options.
DRAW-iT Main Features:

Create your own or edit existing artwork.
The app also allows you to add text and images to your designs.
You can crop your images to the desired size.
It offers a variety of effects, such as shadow, gradient, glare, stroke, and blur.
You can easily change the background color.
You can also specify the style of the fontsр¤сђррѕс†рёсџ-ррµсрµрєср/