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Busboy is a Java based library that provides high level implementation of USB based notifier interfaces such as KEYLONG, KEYMEDIUM, KEYFAST, KEYFASTWITHPIN, KEYFASTWITHLONG, and KEYFASTWITHMEDIUM.
Busboy is a low-level library for Java and is lightweight as compared to other available libraries. It is a native Java library and does not require installation of any JVM dependent application. It can be used for Java desktop, web, server and mobile applications.
Busboy is designed to work with any USB host operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris operating systems.
Busboy can be used for monitoring USB devices (including the serial port), data logging and control.
Busboy has been tested with the following USB devices:-
– USB keyboard
– USB mouse
– USB thumb drive
– USB WLAN adaptor
– USB ADSL modem
– USB printer
– USB dongle (i.e. USB cell phone, camera, audio and webcam)
Busboy is available for open source development and testing. It is actively maintained by vendors and used in thousands of embedded devices. It is supported by many companies, organizations, and institutions.
Busboy is offered for free and is being used by many organizations such as:-
– Intel
– M.O.S.I.C.
– National Institute of Standards and Technology
– International Organization for Standardization
– World Intellectual Property Organization
Busboy is developed and maintained by Datastream Technologies Inc. Datastream Technologies is a software development company located in San Diego, California.
Package description:
Busboy provides the following features :-
1. High level APIs for application to retrieve information from USB devices.
2. Support for a wide range of USB notifiers in its keynotifier class.
3. Support for several host operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X).
4. Can be used for both Linux and Windows.
5. Provides test harness for application level testing.

[marc] Busboy is a light weight low level library for Java. Busboy is a native Java library and does not require installation of any JVM dependent application. It can be used for Java desktop, web, server and mobile applications.

[marc] Busboy is a low level library for Java. It can be used for desktop, web, server d82f892c90

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KeyMACRO is a lightweight, multi-tasking and multi-user security and management tool. Its main features include the ability to make global or user-specific macros, make registry changes, manage Windows users and groups, and logon users, among others.
An intuitive interface with wide access
KeyMACRO is aimed at any type of user, as the application is very straightforward in the use and navigation. The main window provides a clean, white background with no text, and a layout based on two panels. On the left panel, you have access to tabs with basic information like User Names, Groups, and Logon Users, as well as Remote Hosts and Remote Machines. On the other hand, the right panel displays a set of main elements, such as the tab for User Macros, Password, Keyboard Hooks, Keylogger and Speech Recognition, and options to enable or disable them.
A wide set of tools with a top tier list of features
KeyMACRO is a robust application with a lot to offer in its toolkit. It’s not only capable of creating or editing macros, but has the power to make changes to the registry as well. The first and most important tool is the Macro Editor, which provides a fast and easy way to create user-specific macros, while allowing you to modify them as you wish. If you want to make the changes permanent, you can simply save them as a custom setting.
In terms of administration, the application can manage Windows users, groups and memberships. Also, you can create groups for each user, providing a very flexible system for protection. In order to do so, you can define their access level, in addition to locking them out of certain systems, for example.
KeyMACRO offers a wide range of tools, most of which are easy to access. There’s a list of keystrokes you can use to interact with the application, as well as features like Speech Recognition and Keylogger, the latter being particularly useful for troubleshooting purposes.
A highly customizable interface
KeyMACRO allows you to configure the interface, which is a rather useful feature for users who are used to certain tools, as it also makes the application more intuitive. From the main settings menu, you can enable or disable Window Messages, Windows to minimize to tray, maximize to tray, and display system icons in the taskbar. In addition, you can enable a text history, change logon and user names, enable or disable