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Image Converter is a powerful and easy to use graphical utility which can perform many actions related to image editing and converting. Using the program you will be able to create, open, rename, convert and remove images as well as convert between images of different formats. The program also has many advanced functions for editing images such as resize, rotation, saturation, brightness and contrast. The utility supports every popular image format such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PSD.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a collection of online tools designed to help you easily organize, edit and share your digital images. It’s an online version of Photoshop. It’s free, it’s not a full Photoshop application, but it does allow you to convert PSD files to JPEG, PSB and PDF (among others) and perform some other basic functions. You can organize your images in albums, tag, categorize, correct color, resize and rotate, or use the filter tool to alter the look of your photos. You can also add text to your photos or crop them and enhance them using effects such as blur, burn and emboss. You can edit or crop multiple photos at once using a queue and auto enhance your pictures in bulk. And there are a couple of filters that you can use. It’s a free and easy to use program that comes with a lot of features, and is perfect for anyone who wants to organize their photos and easily share them online.

Adobe Bridge is a free software that offers you tools to manage your files. All of its features are very intuitive and easy to use, so you can be sure that the program can handle every type of job.
The first thing you should do when you start the software is select the folder you want to save your files in. Then, you can choose how you want to sort your files. You can organize them by year, by name, by type, by size, and even by the date they were taken. Finally, you can rename them, or you can group them together using the built-in tagging system.
You can also make comments, tags and keywords, that can be used later to group your images. In addition, you can create an index of all the images you have created with the software, and view the contents of a selected folder. And of course, you can export your images to different formats, such as JPEG, GIF, PSD, TIFF or PDF.

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Canon MP Navigator EX is a utility that can help users of the Canon LiDE 110 scanner perform various functions such as scanning, printing, transferring, editing, adding labels to documents and converting documents to PDF files.
The app’s interface is compatible with both Windows and Mac, as the scanner’s hardware and its software components are made available to users via a USB cable.
Once the scanner and the driver have been installed and initialized, users can use the program to share their images with others by printing them, e-mailing the files or uploading them to a cloud service.
Users can choose which of the features they want to use. For instance, they can scan images, edit them, select portions of the document, perform OCR or create a PDF from it.
As a result, the app can prove to be a convenient tool for both novice and advanced users.
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Canon MP Navigator EX for Canon IXUS 220 IS is an application that was designed to aid computer users who own a Canon IXUS 220 IS scanner simplify the way they interact with their devices.
Among its capabilities, users can identify common tasks such as scanning and editing images.
The Canon IXUS 220 IS is a device that can scan both images and printed documents. However, although the hardware components of the scanner (its physical controls) grant users quick access to its essential functions, MP Navigator EX allows them to tap into the full potential of the scanner.
The interface of the program is built in such a way that users can preview the scanned document and adjust it before exporting it to their computers. Should they be unsatisfied with the scanning, it’s possible to repeat the operation after reviewing the image.
The result of the scan can be exported to a specified folder as a multi-page PDF file. The user can select the images used for creating the document and change their order before settling over the final version of the PDF.
Printing the scans or sending the images by email can be done by using the built-in file browser. This component provides quick access to the recently scanned items and enables users to search for an image by using several criteria.
A notable feature of the program is the ability to optimize the images automatically by correcting the contrast or enhancing the colors. In the same section, users can convert an