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Export OBJ (AutoCAD 2007, 2008 and 2009) allows you to export the drawing entities in your AutoCAD file into the popular Wavefront OBJ file format. This AutoCAD add-on can export face models, objects (3D solid models), polyface meshes (one or more faces with common geometry), polygon meshes, polylines, splines and arcs. The export is an object-based approach and not an entity-based approach. Face models, polyface meshes and polygon meshes are converted into one single entity.
The exporting of faces, polyfaces and polygon meshes is based on the parameters of a selected face, polyface, polygon mesh or arc. As a result of export, the exported faces or polyfaces, polygon meshes and arc (no matter which type) are converted into a single entity and named by a unique name. You can have the polygon meshes, faces or polyfaces named by using the export parameters.
OBJ4CAD Export OBJ Example:
[Select] active layer
Select all entities
[F8] to view selection tool
[Tab] or [Shift] Tab to display selection tool
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F8] to select all entities
[Tab] or [Shift] Tab to display selection tool
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [E] to activate selection tool
[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [E] to deactivate selection tool
[F8] to display selection tool
[Enter] to save
OBJ4CAD Export OBJ function key:
[F9] to export drawing entities
OBJ4CAD Export OBJ Reference:

OBJ4CAD 2009 – OBJ is an AutoCAD 2009, 2010 and 2011 application to export AutoCAD drawing entities to OBJ file (Wavefront). You can use this AutoCAD add-on to export OBJ files from polygon meshes, faces, polyface meshes as well as 3d solid drawing entities.
OBJ4CAD 2009 – OBJ Description:
OBJ (AutoCAD 2009, 2010 and 2011) allows you to export the drawing entities in your AutoCAD file into the popular Wavefront OBJ file format. This AutoCAD add eea19f52d2

ElectriKeys ePiano is a digital emulation of electric pianos that has been created with professional musicians in mind. The ability to use and play it in several major virtual instrument products, that are usually known for their ease of use, is one of the features that makes this virtual instrument stand out.
ElectriKeys ePiano has a selection of e-piano instruments that are ideal for those who want to practice or record their own songs. Because it is based on a re-interpretation of vintage electric pianos, this e-piano application is perfect for people that are looking for a realistic experience.
ElectriKeys ePiano has unique features such as a Vintage e-piano selector, Sample Gate and Analog Synth section, as well as an interesting dynamics section that can help you create a real vintage sound. It also comes with some key features that include an advanced control of the tremolo section, a 5-band parametric equalizer and a lot of presets that are easy to use.
ElectriKeys ePiano can be run on Windows and Mac OS. It also works in virtual instrument applications such as FL Studio 7.xx, Steinberg Cubase 6/5/4, Cubase SX 2/3/1, Apple Logic Pro 7, Sony’s ACID/Pro/Nuendo, Cakewalk SONAR VST Standard/Home Studio 5 Standard, Mackie’s Tracktion 2/2 Pro and PowerTracks Pro Audio.
ElectriKeys ePiano has a lot of advantages over other virtual instruments such as its unique Vintage e-piano selector, 5-band parametric equalizer and effects. These features make ElectriKeys ePiano ideal for people that are looking for a realistic and easy-to-use virtual instrument.
In conclusion, it is clear that ElectriKeys ePiano is an innovative and professional emulation of e-pianos that is aimed at musicians and virtual instrument users.
■ Vintage e-piano selector.
■ 5-band parametric equalizer.
■ Tremolo Section
■ Filter Section
■ Pitch bend section
■ Master Oscillator Section
■ 10+ Performance modes.
■ Modulators Section.
■ Decay Section
■ Release Section.
■ 15+ Arpeggiator modes.
■ Composed of 48 fixed scales with